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Before submitting a claim, please review our warranty policy to ensure your claim is eligible.

To file a warranty claim, fill out the form and attach the necessary pictures/files. After we receive your completed form and documents, please allow 3-5 business days for our warranty department to review and respond with a solution.

Photo Details

  • Photo(s) showing the exact issue the claim is being made for.
    • Waterlogging - unzip and pull back the skin to expose the foam core (do not remove cores). Send a picture of BOTH foam cores.
    • Seams - close-up of the stitching
    • Dimensions - use a measuring tape to show the length/fold of the impacted area
    • Damage to the underside - flip the cover open and send pictures of all areas where damage has occurred
  • Photo of the work tag which is a 6-digit number located either on the skirt of the cover under the warning label or on the underside of the cover, tucked into the skirt, near the strap location
  • Photo of the entire top of the hot tub cover on the hot tub including the surrounding area
  • Photo of the entire underside of the hot tub cover
  • Copy of original invoice or order number