Improve Your Cover Performance

Upgrades & Additions

Rubber Handles

Upgrade your hot tub cover with rubber grip handles for a comfortable, slip-free experience! These handles provide a secure hold, eliminating struggles with slippery grips, especially when wet. Rubber grips offer better control, making it easier and safer to manage your cover.

Gazebo Handles

Gazebo handles transform hot tub cover use! Positioned inside the cover along the fold, these grips make it easy to maneuver. Perfect for hot tubs in tight gazebos, they eliminate the struggle of adjusting covers in confined spaces. Effortlessly manage your cover in the tightest spots, essential for cozy settings where space is limited.

2 lb High-Density Foam

Enhance your hot tub cover with our 2lb foam upgrade for better strength and heat retention! This upgrade boosts durability, handling heavy loads like snow or pets, and enhances insulation with a high R Value. Enjoy longer, warmer soaks without increasing the heat.

Vapor Barrier Seal

The vapor seal is a fantastic feature for your hot tub cover! It works wonders by preventing water absorption, so your cover stays lightweight and easy to move. Without this seal, water would eventually seep in, making the cover heavy and cumbersome to handle. No one wants to struggle with a soaked, heavy cover!

Energy Shield Underside

Enhance your hot tub cover with an energy shield! This heat-reflective layer on the underside traps heat, reflecting it back into the water instead of letting it escape. It acts like an invisible shield, keeping your tub warm and energy-efficient. Enjoy cozier soaks knowing the energy shield maximizes warmth retention in the water.

Full Insulated Hinge

Upgrade your hot tub cover with a fully insulated hinge for enhanced benefits! This feature, stretching the full length of the hinge, retains heat inside your hot tub, reducing heat loss. By minimizing heat escape, it helps lower energy costs and keeps your hot tub warmer for longer, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Reinforced Hinge

Adding extra layers of scrim material to the hinge area of your hot tub cover is a game-changer for those using lifters! This enhancement strengthens the cover, making it ideal for managing the additional stress from lifters. Consider it an extra boost of muscle for your hot tub cover, ensuring it stays in peak condition.