Warranty Policy

At The Cover Guy, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. That's why we stand behind the materials we use and products we produce, so you can be confident that your new cover will stand the test of time and be free from any defects or imperfections.

The Cover Guy warrants insulating / safety spa covers to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, under normal usage, for a period of 3 years (36 months) from the date of delivery, with appropriate documentation, to a maximum of thirty-nine (39) months from the date of manufacturing, subject to the following additions, exceptions, exclusion, and limitations.

What does the warranty policy cover?

This warranty is limited to the replacement or repair at the Company’s option, of any material or workmanship found to be defective within the warranty period and reasonable expenses.

  • Any insulating / safety spa cover deemed by The Cover Guy to have failed due to defects in materials or workmanship after the first 90-days from installation or 120-days from date of manufacture, will be replaced, at The Cover Guy’s option. Replacement after the first 90-days from installation or 120-days from date of manufacture includes cost of freight but excludes field labor.
  • Such limited warranty does not cover damages caused by animals, fire, vandalism, excessive chemicals, improper installation and strain, abuse, abrasion, acts of God or use for purposes other than that for which the cover was designed.
  • Ordinary wear and tear, delamination and seam splitting due to improper handling are not considered to be a defect in workmanship or material.
  • Grommets and buckles are considered normal wear parts and are not covered under The Cover Guy warranty policy.
  • Foam cores are covered for 1 year.
  • Warranty of foam cores is void if any holes have been found to puncture or penetrate either the outer covering or inner seal (e.g. holes from cover lifters void the warranty)
  • Foam breakage or tearing of the outer skin material due to the cover being walked on, stood/sat upon or any excessive weight caused by rain, water, snow, animals, or any other acts of God will void the warranty.
  • Water pooling on top of the cover is not considered a warranty related issue. Water pooling on top of the cover is due to improper installation, excess weight, or other acts.
  • The Cover Guy shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages to any hot tub or spa.
  • The insulating / safety spa cover warranty is void if the cover has been subjected to alteration, misuse, abuse, or if any repairs on the cover are attempted by anyone other than our authorized representatives, unless express written approval is given by The Cover Guy.
  • The insulating / safety spa cover warranty is void if damage due to excessive use of chemicals or contact with other chemicals on the cover material.
  • Fading of outer skin material and thread are not considered a defect and will naturally occur due to normal chemical maintenance, exposure to the elements and aging.
  • The insulating / safety spa cover warranty is void if scuffing & chafing or wearing holes appear due to the cover being dragging or storing/leaning against sharp objects.
  • The insulating / safety spa cover warranty is void in the event damage is caused by improper installation.
  • Any damage to the insulating / safety spa cover caused by pulling or handling the cover by the straps, skirt, will not be covered under warranty. (e.g., torn skirt, torn straps, heat bag tear, etc.)
  • Please note that if the insulating / safety spa cover production tag/label is torn or cut off the cover the warranty will be void. We require a picture of this label for any warranty submission to be considered for coverage. Without this label, the warranty will receive an automatic denial and will not be considered for coverage.
  • In high altitude installations, the insulating / safety spa cover may fill with air. In the event this happens please contact The Cover Guy team.
  • Vinyl and WeatherShield are water resistant textiles, not waterproof.
  • Cover Lifters that penetrate / pierce the insulating /safety cover skin void the warranty.
  • The warranty is non-transferrable.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

After reading the warranty terms above, if you have determined that your cover is eligible for a warranty claim please visit our Warranty Claim form and submit a request. A member of our team will be in touch within 48 business hours to follow up on your claim.

What if I purchased my cover prior to July 2024?

If you purchased your cover prior to July 1, 2024, then your cover is eligible for our 7-year pro-rated warranty.

We offer a 7-year warranty pro-rated for manufacturing defects.

The Cover Guy warrants the purchaser of the spa cover that any defects in material or workmanship, under normal usage, will be repaired or replaced, at the company’s discretion free of charge within one year of the purchase and pro-rated after this time. After 1 year the cost of shipping is applicable. This guarantee does not imply replacement of the entire cover but does apply to the replacement or repair of such parts that may prove defective.

Replacement or repair of such defect’s shall constitute complete fulfilment of all obligations of The Cover Guy and shall under no circumstances be responsible for any consequential damages arising out of any condition of the spa cover, including but not limited to, damage arising from loss of the product. This guarantee does not apply to cracking or breaking of the foam inners, misuse, act of nature/natural disaster, excessive chemical damage, melted foam, fading of thread, handles, damage caused by improper installation and becomes void if any alterations are made to the cover.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of the spa cover, must be accompanied with the bill of sale and purchaser must register their warranty on our website. We reserve the right to improve the product through changes in design or material.

7 Year Pro Rated Schedule (with 1 full year)

2nd year replacement charge of 50% of the current purchase price
3rd year replacement charge of 60% of the current purchase price
4th year replacement charge of 70% of the current purchase price
5th year replacement charge of 80% of the current purchase price
6th year replacement charge of 90% of the current purchase price
7th year replacement charge of 95% of the current purchase price