Cover Lifters

The Cover Guy Hydraulic Cover Lifter

Makes lifting a one-person job


The Cover Guy Standard Cover Lifter

Lift your cover with ease


The Cover Guy Roller Cover Shelf

Roll your cover on and off


CoverMate III Cover Lifter

Your spa, effortlessly uncovered


Cover Valet Rock-It Cover Lifter

Premium undermount cover lifter


Cover Valet Cover Caddy Cover Lifter

Effortless spa cover removal


Cover Valet CV250 Cover Lifter

Makes lifting your cover a breeze


CoverMate Freestyle Cover Lifter

Solution for round/custom hot tubs


CoverMate I Cover Lifter

Hassle-free cover removal


Cover Valet RX Cover Lifter

Lift & protect with ease


Ultralift Boomerang Cover Lifter

360º unobstructed view


Ultralift Undermount Cover Lifter

Hot tub cover removal made easy


Ultralift Freemount Kit

Works with all cabinet designs


Cover Lifters