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The Cover Guy’s Hot Tub Cover Options

At The Cover Guy, there are a few options when choosing a hot tub cover. The right choice depends on your hot tub, the environment, and your needs. Find out what the main differences are here.

Types of hot tub covers at The Cover Guy

There are three main hot tub cover models to find at The Cover Guy. The first difference is the thickness and taper of the hot tub tops. Here are the three choices:

  • Standard: four inches at its center that taper to two and a half inches on the sides
  • Deluxe: five inches at its center that taper to three inches on the sides
  • Extreme: six inches at its center that taper to four inches on the sides

The three models offer different advantages depending on the needs of the consumer.

The Standard hot tub cover is great for warm to moderate climates. It’s approximately thirty-five pounds and is efficient when it comes to heat retention as it’s not meant for extreme cold. This is not the right cover for hot tubs in harsh climates.

The Deluxe hot tub cover is better suited for moderate to cold climates. It has better heat retention to combat the cold. This and both of the other models also have heat-sealed foam and child safety locks.

The Extreme hot tub cover is best in cold to harsh climates. It’s reinforced to withstand heavy snow loads. This is the best option for heat retention and the coldest environments where it snows a lot and reaches very low temperatures.

Covers for tubs in different weather

The thicker the hot tub cover and the denser the foam, the better covers for tubs will perform in harsh weather. Consider the average climate the hot tub will be in and choose a hot tub cover that will withstand it. Thin covers in cold climates can reduce the life of the hot tub as well as make it more difficult to maintain the right temperature.

Common hot tub top buying mistakes

  1. Being cheap: Yes, a hot tub is an investment. But to make that investment last, it’s also worth getting the right hot tub cover even if that means spending a bit more. Cheaper hot tub covers likely don’t have the capabilities necessary to help maintain and protect the hot tub to keep it functioning properly. This doesn’t mean it’s necessary to purchase the most expensive covers for tubs out there. It just means getting the right one based on environment and use.
  2. Measurements: This is an easy mistake to avoid when browsing hot tub covers. A cover for hot tubs should fit snugly around the tub for heat retention and protection. Take the time to gather accurate hot tub measurements so the top fits properly and improves energy efficiency. Get the length, width, corner radius, and skirt length of the hot tub.
  3. Reputable companies: With the internet, it can be pretty easy for just about anyone to start selling products regardless of their quality. There might be plenty of companies selling hot tub covers, but not all of them have a solid reputation, industry experience, and informative testimonials. Choose a transparent company that offers the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, and that can help purchase the right cover.

The Cover Guy works hard to provide the information, support, and quality products hot tub users need. It’s supposed to be a relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating experience and we aim to achieve that. Use the helpful information we’ve compiled on our hot tub covers to find the one that will fit your hot tub properly. Check it out here.