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How to Choose a Hot Tub Cover

Whether you have a new or a used hot tub, a hot tub cover is essential to extend its lifespan. Buying a new hot tub cover can be a pricey, but the savings that come from a new spa cover is well worth the price. Choose your hot tub cover carefully and you’ll get the most out of your hot tub for many years. In fact, you should never have to replace your cover due to normal wear and tear. Usually a cover has to be replaced every three to five years in the Northern areas, and three to seven years in the Southern areas. This article will give you great advices on how to choose a hot tub cover.

Hot tub with cover closed

4 Reasons to Have a Hot Tub Cover

1. Safety
First of all, a hot tub cover is the first thing to do to make sure your hot tub is safe. If you have small children or pets, a hot tub cover will prevent them from slipping and falling into the hot tub.

Look out for the ASTM International Certification, which ensures you that the hot tub cover your about to buy meet or exceed all the safety requirements.

2. Prevent damages
Secondly, a cover will prevent damage to the surface of your hot tub during bad weather, whether it is during a snowstorm or a windy day. A proper-fitting spa cover will be durable, will stay in place, and will protect your hot tub for years to come.

3. Energy, time and money saving
Having a hot tub cover will also save you time and money, as long as energy (electricity). The cover traps the heat so that the water remains warm, which lowers the cost of electricity because it takes less time to heat up next time you’ll want to use your hot tub. The pumps and heating systems don’t work so hard each time you use your hot tub, so they’ll last longer before you need to change them. It also keeps your hot tub from losing water through evaporation. A hot tub cover can nearly split your electricity bill in half.

4. Cleanliness
Last but not least, and perhaps the most obvious perk to using a hot tub cover : cleanliness. A well-fitted spa cover will keep things from seeping in and polluting your clean water, such as bacteria and dust. It will also keep your water free of leaves, dirt, debris that could clog the pump and damage the inner systems of your hot tub.

Hot tub with cover closed

When to Buy a New Hot Tub Cover

It should be easy to determine when you need to buy a new hot tub cover. Inspect your cover and look for any rips or tears to the vinyl. Check the underside and look for deterioration from mold and unbalanced chemicals. A hot tub cover that is heavy and waterlogged is a clear sign that the foam cores are saturated and a replacement cover is needed. If it is a struggle to remove the hot tub cover, and if it takes more than one person to remove the hot tub spa cover, you probably need a new hot tub cover.

What to Consider to Choose the Right Hot Tub Cover

There are many types of hot tub covers out there, so it can be difficult to know which one is the right one. Here are some things to consider when you choose your hot tub cover.

Shape and Size
The first thing you have to consider when you choose a hot tub cover is the size and shape of your hot tub. You need a cover that fits perfectly in order for it to protect your hot tub. Make sure to take measurements of your hot tub before you buy a hot tub cover. If you have permanent add-ons to your spa, like waterfall or speakers, make sure you take them into consideration when you measure your hot tub. If you don’t do so, your cover may not fit perfectly and your accessories may by damaged.

Thickness and Density
Your hot tub cover is in fact filled with foam of variating density and thickness. A good quality cover will have a thickness that ranges from 3 to 6 inches, while it’ll have a density from 1 to 2 pounds.

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, you’ll want the thickest cover possible, so it won’t crumble under the weight of the snow. A thicker cover will also provide better insulation during the cold and rainy months, and better protection against possible damage from windy days.

There are insulated hot tub covers for better protection against cold climate. This type of cover will retain the heat even if the hot tub isn’t being used.

Click here for our complete article on hot tub cover thickness.

Type of Vinyl
Next, choose a cover that is made of high-quality vinyl. Good vinyl is resistant to UV rays, water, humidity and moist. Marine grade vinyl is the standard, but there is a wide range of quality. Make sure your hot tub cover is coated with mildew inhibitors that helps keep fungus and mold away. Most of hot tub covers manufacturers offer a wide range of vinyl colors so you can choose one that fits nicely with your backyard design or your outdoor furniture.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl, you could choose our original WeatherShield Advanced Fabric Technology option to customize your hot tub cover instead. WeatherShield is a solution-dyed polyester fabric that is up to 25% lighter than vinyl, and features a urethane coating which has great water resistance and minimizes shrinkage or stretching. Our original WeatherShield fabric is great for hot tubs that are used all year-round since it is resistant against the elements.

Be sure to check out our WeatherShield fabric when you customize your hot tub cover!

Family Needs
When you choose your hot tub cover, you have to take your family needs into consideration. If you have pets at home, you should consider going with an aluminum hot tub cover, just in case your beloved fur pet decide on taking a stroll on your hot tub, or attempts to make your hot tub cover its prey. An aluminium cover is very strong and difficult to damage.

If you have children, lock straps can be an additional safety asset. While hot tub covers are usually enough, some adventurous kids can still open them and crawl into the hot tub. Four sturdy locks (one on each corner) is the best option. We recommend you to see the regulation of your city of residency for recreational pools and spas to make sure you follow all the requirements for safety.

While this is not required, we think all hot tub covers should come with steel or aluminium reinforcers. These rods keep your cover sturdy and aligned. Galvanized steel is slightly stronger, albeit heavier. A flimsy cover with no reinforcement will wiggle about and eventually slide right off your spa. Our hot tub covers at The Cover Guy are all strengthened, focusing on high stress areas.

Also, make sure your hot tub cover fits with most cover lifters. A cover lifter makes it easier to retract your cover from your hot tub, and helps prevent injuries. We recommend a cover lifter even more if you plan on using your hot tub during winter : you wouldn’t want to stand in the cold for longer than you have to.

Cover cap
You spend a lot of time doing researches to choose a hot tub cover in order to protect your hot tub, but what about a cover cap? Yes, a cover that protects your cover. But why? These handy accessories act as a tarp that shelters your cover during the winter months. Condensation, as well as freezing and thawing can damage the cover, forcing you to invest in a new one sooner than you expected. Save yourself the trouble by purchasing a cover cap and protect your hard-earned investment for many years.

Price of a New Hot Tub Cover

Buying a hot tub cover is a necessary investment. You can get a quality spa cover for around $300 to $400. This may be a pricey investment for some, but one that will pay for itself in the long run. The price will vary depending on the size and thickness of the cover. You can read here what makes the difference between our own grades of hot tub cover. Any covers that are under this price range will most likely lack in quality and effectiveness.

Hot tub with cover on a deck overlooking a valley


We hope that this guide on how to choose a hot tub cover will be helpful. Remember that no spa should ever be left uncovered when not in use. Having a proper-fitting hot tub cover for your spa simply makes sense. When you purchase a new hot tub cover, you’ll need these information :

  • Brand of hot tub
  • Model of hot tub
  • Measurements
  • Climate requirements for your new hot tub cover
  • Hot tub cover color needed

Your cover will ensure the equipment will be running as little as possible, extend the life of your spa, save you money. Wouldn’t you want to spend more time enjoying your hot tub than worrying about its protection?