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Hot Tub 101
The Cover Story

What is the price of a good hot tub cover?

Hot tub covers or Spa covers come in varying degrees of quality and thickness. So what does a good hot tub cover cost? Although thickness of a spa cover is a determining price factor, foam density can have a great impact on price as well. Hot tub covers are available in thicknesses from 3″ to 6″ and most if not all taper. The taper in the cover allows rain and moisture to run off like a roof. Because hot tub covers are mostly outdoors, they are built to withstand all types of harsh climates. If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, you’ll want to purchase a cover in both the thickest size and density available.

Covers could cost up to $1000, depending again on thickness, density and other options available and the quality of the materials used. When shopping around for a hot tub cover, make sure you purchase those that are made from virgin environmentally-friendly foam materials. hot tub covers are made with UV and mildew-resistant elements which will ensure the cover maintains its beauty all year-round. There are definitely differing levels of quality so make sure you go with a long standing hot tub cover company with knowledge of your hot tub. Your best choice to replace your hot tub cover is a cover specialists, often the covers supplied by hot tub cover companies will be better than the original cover you received with your tub.

Standard Hot Tub Covers

A Standard basic spa cover will have a foam thickness of about 4” that tapers off to 2″ on the edges. A Standard hot tub cover cost is about $300-$400. The tapering of the cover allows rain, snow and debris to run off easily. A Standard hot tub cover or spa cover is best suited for an indoor application or a warm weather area.

Extreme Hot Tub Covers

An Extreme hot tub cover, which is a thicker cover, can be had for about $400-$500. A 6” thickness is the thickest foam found in the market today. This type of spa cover is great for retaining heat, protecting against extreme climates, and can withstand heavier snow amounts.

Deluxe Hot Tub Covers

The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

The Deluxe Cover is by far the most popular of hot tub covers out in the market today. At just over $350-$450 the Deluxe spa cover is a great cover choice for most climates. The Deluxe hot tub cover is a 5″ thick hot tub cover that tapers to 3″. The deluxe cover is perfect for keeping the heat in the spa.

A good cover should cost you at least $400.00, which is an accurate reflection of today’s market price. It is also best to buy a cover that is custom-ordered just for you, so you can ensure the best possible fit. For maximum protection, a cover should always fit your hot tub perfectly. Not to mention, an improperly fitted spa cover can be quite an eyesore on your back deck.

Today’s hot tub covers come in a wide range of colours. From sky blues to charcoal greys, you will certainly find a cover that suits your tastes. And although its main purpose is to protect your tub, it doesn’t hurt to find one that is also a beauty to look at!