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Health Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy

Stress is poison, hot tubs are the medicine. That little factoid is commonplace as in this day and age everyone knows about the dangers of stress, but few people know about the full range of health benefits a hot tub provides.

How can some hot water and strong jets help a person live longer? The benefits of hot tub therapy are seemingly endless as combining warmth and massaging water jets at the very least feels very good. But, when applied to the right ailment or condition however, a hot tub gets bumped up from pleasant afternoon pastime, to medical necessity.

How Hot Tubs Help Your Health:

  • Healing: Hot tubs are great for increasing circulation with heat, easing injured and strained muscles and ligaments, as well as soothing inflammation to nerves and joints. This makes them an ideal tool for athletes recovering after a hard game or training session.
  • Pain Relief: Massaging jets and warm water is a great way to relieve pain from headaches, injuries, or exertion. The buoyancy even provides relief to tired parts of the body. Excellent for those who suffer from chronic injuries such as back pain.
  • Blood Pressure and Stress: A calm individual is a happier individual. It’s not just hippie hearsay, if you are stressed your body produces cortisol, a stress chemical that helps get your through your day, but it breaks your body apart overtime. Taking time to relax allows your body to kick into a regenerative state that lowers blood pressure, a dangerous threat to people with hypertension. Regular use of the hot tub can even reduce average cortisol levels in even the most stressed individuals.
  • Arthritis Archangel: Arthritis is particularly tricky because it’s not only stressed joints, but the entire body from head to toe that hurts, and sometimes even aches and gets inflamed. Much like with injuries, the hot water soothes pain and eases joint, but the hot water experience provides an even spread of heat to reduce inflammation all over the body.
  • Sleeplessness: Hot water therapy also does wonder for insomniacs as the hot water induces a natural rest state, quickly calming down even the most nervous and jittery individuals so they can go to bed. This is one of the many reasons hot tubs are such a necessity for many of America’s hardworking and successful individuals.
  • Diabetes: Besides increasing blood flow that helps circulate sugar and insulin, a hot tub also helps the body naturally regulate its sugar levels and can even cook off a little excess blood sugar by increasing the metabolism through heat. Diabetics looking to try hot tub therapy should first consult their doctor if it’s right for them.
  • Weight Relief: For those struggling with their diet, having a hard time controlling diabetes, or are battling a thyroid disorder may put on more weight than is comfortable. Much like the buoyancy takes the pressure and weight off of an injured limb, the water also does wonders for those struggling with this whole body weight problem. An hour in the hot tub can rest tired muscle, provide relief to joints, and increase circulation reducing chances of a blood clot.
  • Low Impact Exercise: For those struggling with weight, severe injury, or health issue, exercise can often be difficult on dry land. A little bit of aerobic and resistance training in the water can do wonders and help anyone, even those of extremely frail health and body.

Whatever your physical condition or health issues, you will probably experience some relief and benefit from hot tub therapy. For even more health and healing benefits, consider adding some aromatherapy to your hot tub session to relax, let the body recuperate, and leave the world behind for a while.