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Outdoor Oasis

How to Fit a Hot Tub into a Small Outdoor Space

In the last few decades, homes have been getting bigger, but backyards are also getting smaller. Homeowners may feel the challenge of creating a private oasis in limited outdoor space.

However, there are innovative and practical ways to integrate hot tubs seamlessly into small patios, balconies, or compact yards. There’s no reason to compromise your dream of a spa-like experience, even if your yard resembles more of a cozy nook than a sprawling retreat.

Whether you’re looking for dual-purpose designs, clever concealment strategies, or ways to create the illusion of space, read on for ways to incorporate a hot tub in your yard to ensure functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

A hot tub for your lifestyle

Before you select a hot tub for your yard, assess your existing space, and decide if you’ll install a hot tub on a deck or patio. Ensure your deck can support the weight of a hot tub, because when full a hot tub can weigh over 4,000 pounds.

Decide whether your deck or patio needs repairs, renovations, or even removal. Factor in permanent structures like driveways, garages, and trees, and identify if moveable elements like bushes and flowerbeds can be rearranged to optimise your space.

Proper measurements will be helpful for planning. If you’re unsure about how to lay out your yard or deck to fit a hot tub, consider hiring a reputable contractor to share your ideas with who can help bring your vision to life.

Smart sizing: choosing the right hot tub

Once you’ve worked out where to install the hot tub in your yard, it’s important to select the right hot tub size when dealing with limited outdoor space. Smart sizing means choosing a hot tub that not only fits your yard but enhances its beauty and functionality. Steps for hot tubs can make it easier to get in a hot tub of any size, so it doesn’t have to be an issue.

Compact hot tub models for cozy spaces
In small backyards, size is important. Opt for a compact hot tub model made for two to four people. These smaller hot tub models not only cater to your space requirements but also provide an intimate atmosphere.

Hot tub shapes and configurations
Consider the shape of the different hot tubs to optimize your space. For instance, a triangle tub is ideal for a snug corner space and a rectangular model works well for a narrow space while still providing ample seating.

Dual-purpose design: functional and stylish hot tub covers

In small outdoor spaces, every element should maximize functionality. When looking at deck integration, the hot tub could be the space’s focal point or blend in with your other backyard elements. Choose a hot tub cover provider that provides a range of different colour options to match your aesthetic while providing the dual purpose of protecting your hot tub.

Creating the illusion of space: colour and vertical visions

Lighting and colour
Strategic use of lighting, both natural and artificial, can make a small space feel bigger. Choose light-coloured furniture and accessories to reflect light and create an open, inviting atmosphere. The best hot tub covers also come in different colour options to help open up the space.

Using upward space: vertical gardening and design
When it comes to designing your yard, consider more than just your horizontal square footage. The upward space in your outdoor areas, like walls and fences, allows for unique ways of decorating while maximizing space.

Make use of the vertical space in your yard by installing wall-mounted planters or a narrow planter with a trellis for a climbing plant. This adds lush greenery to your outdoor area while making the most of the space. Incorporate vertical design elements to draw the eyes upward and create the illusion of height, like hanging lights or weather-resistant art.

Clever concealment strategies: hot tub covers and privacy

When enjoying your hot tub, privacy is an important part of the experience. Explore these design and functional options that will enhance your yard’s privacy while also contributing to the overall aesthetics of the space.

Retractable hot tub covers and deck integration
Integrate your hot tub into your deck with a retractable hot tub cover. This not only conceals the hot tub when not in use, but it also provides additional functional space.

You’ll already need a hot tub cover to protect your home spa when not in use, and when the cover is off, it will stand up higher than your tub, providing additional privacy. If your hot tub sits on top of your deck or patio, steps for hot tubs are a good idea to make it easier to get in and out.

Built-in hot tubs are perfect for compact urban backyards. Concealing the tub within hard landscaping creates a seamless design.

For instance, it can extend the patio flooring or paving up the sides of the tub. If your hot tub is integrated into the deck so it’s at a lower level, you can also add steps that go down into the hot tub.

Privacy screens and curtains
Install privacy screens or curtains around your hot tub area as a low-cost solution to create a secluded retreat. Sectioning off your spa area also could create the illusion of more space, as you’ll have designated areas for relaxing, dining, and lounging.

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