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How to Avoid Heatstroke in a Hot Tub

Although hot tubs are a fabulous way to spend time with loved ones, the experience can become unpleasant if certain precautions are not taken. The water’s intense heat can cause health problems for some, with heatstroke being the most common occurrence.

Heatstroke happens when internal body organs heat up and stop working properly. Sweat naturally evaporates from the body to cool us down. But during a heatstroke, this natural function is disabled. Heatstroke is usually treatable, but can become deadly under more serious circumstances.

Below is a list of ways to avoid heatstroke while using a hot tub. Follow these tips carefully to ensure your experience is an enjoyable one.

Liquids are crucial

Be sure to drink lots of cool fluids while sitting in the hot tub so that your body is not overcome by the intense heat. Although it may be tempting to drink alcohol, this can actually raise your blood pressure and cause your heart to race. This is a bad mix of circumstances while sitting in hot water. Try to limit your beverages to water and juices instead. Caffeine should always be avoided while using the hot tub.

Feel free to step out

When you feel like the hot water is becoming bothersome, don’t be shy to step out as necessary. This will allow your body to cool down and normalize its temperature. Try to limit your time in the hot tub to 10-minute intervals, or whatever seems most comfortable to you.

Use a fan

Consider plugging in a fan to an outdoor outlet and bringing it near the hot tub. Heatstroke often occurs because the surrounding areas of the unit are also humid. A fan will help circulate the air around you and will keep your face and shoulders cool. Just be sure to keep the fan a reasonable distance away from the hot tub, as electrical units should never come in contact with water.

Use patio umbrellas to block the sun

A large patio umbrella can be positioned effectively to provide shade over a hot tub. Umbrellas that sit on the ground with a large, curved arm can be swivelled easily to a desired location. This will not only keep excessive heat at bay, it will also keep you from getting sunburn in the process.

Avoid mood-altering medicines and antibiotics

Be wary of medicine consumption while using the hot tub. Some medications can interact with excessive heat, causing heart problems and leading to heatstroke. If you must take any pills, take them after using the hot tub – once your body has fully cooled down.