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Hot Tub Cover Questions – What is the foam density?

Foam density is the weight of foam per cubic foot. 1lb density foam weighs one pound per cubic foot for example. The density of foam directly corresponds to how open the cells are in your foam insert. The higher the density the harder and heavier the foam becomes.

Why is foam density important for hot tub covers?

The foam density of your hot tub cover will have a direct affect on two vital elements of your hot tub covers performance.
  • Foam density directly affects the cost of running your hot tub. The higher the density of foam the better insulator your hot tub cover becomes. Most outdoor hot tubs will require a 1.5 lbs density foam.
  • Foam density directly affects the amount of weight your hot tub cover can withstand. Again the higher the density foam the more weight your hot tub cover can withstand. Pets, snow, and children are known to get up on top of your hot tub, if you have any of these in and around your home look to increase your hot tub cover density.
Hot tub cover taper

In the hot tub cover industry the common foam density used is 1 lbs. which should only be used indoors, 1.5 lbs think of this as your all season radial tire really good for most climates, and 2 lbs. foam overkill for most area’s but if you have a lot of snow, then the 2 lbs. density foam is something you may want to consider. Remember though the higher the density the foam the heavier the hot tub or spa cover, so it is a bit of a trade off.

Foam taper

Did you know? Polyurethane foam was created by Dr. Otto Bayer during World War II. He was looking for a substitute for rubber to be used in manufacturing boats, planes and their accessories!