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Wow! That’s an Ugly Hot Tub Cover!

There you stand one blissful evening, beverage in hand surveying the kingdom that is your backyard. The garden looks just right, something delicious sizzles on the grill and the kids are getting along (for once). You feel at peace, like all is right in your world. Then your eyes scan toward your hot tub, because a dip into some warm water later will be the cherry on top of this day.

Suddenly, your senses are assaulted and the idyllic picture of your personal domain cracks before your eyes. “Why is my hot tub cover so ugly? It’s ruining everything!”

Hot tub covers do fade and deteriorate with time. Sitting atop your hot tub, they bear the brunt of the seasonal elements year in and year out. Rain, snow, heat, hail — these all combine to erode the aesthetic qualities of hot tub covers. After all, the covers do more than keep debris out of the hot tub and conserve energy. They add to the overall look and design of your backyard realm.

Hot tub owners will have to replace their hot tub covers three to four times during the life of the hot tub. The salesman probably left that out, didn’t he. Not only does the cover take abuse from the elements, which can fade and crack the cover, it also takes abuse underneath from the chemicals in the hot tub. You can also cause damage to the cover when you drag it off your hot tub and let it tumble to the ground (even though we know you never do it since you’re responsible and stuff).

New hot tub cover

As you choose your new hot tub cover, think specifically about the kind of damage your cover will sustain across the seasons. For example, if you live in a colder climate and the cover accumulates a lot of snow, you will want to choose a cover made to withstand harsh winter weather. These covers will be able to support heavy snow, limit water absorption from the snow and, for the most extreme climates, be tapered so snow and rain runs off with ease rather than accumulate on top.

The sun plays a factor too and can cause the cover to fade and crack over time. You will want to find a cover made from durable, high quality materials and with high quality craftsmanship.

Hot tub covers can make or break the beauty of your yard. You want to survey your personal kingdom without wincing at the eyesore of a beat up hot tub cover. Not only does an ugly hot tub cover make your yard look bad, it’s not doing its job of protecting your hot tub. So stand on your deck and look out with pride at your yard with your new hot tub cover that makes your yard look it’s best.