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Hot Tub 101
The Cover Story

Why you should get a hot tub cover cap

The primary purpose of a hot tub cover is to protect your unit from debris and animals when not in use. But these covers also add aesthetic value to your backyard deck, so it is important to protect the actual cover from outdoor elements as well.

A hot tub cover cap ensures that your investment stays beautiful for years to come. A high-quality cover can cost you up to $400.00. Why not protect this investment with a shield?

In the winters, snow, rain and ice pellets can damage the cover’s high-density foam. In the summers, harsh UV rays can cause discolouration. Meanwhile, pets, racoons and even children can scratch up your cover’s surface. The cover cap can prevent this kind of destruction, and is easily removable. A good product is made from durable, woven, high-quality polyethylene. If you have guests over, showcase the beautiful colour of your hot tub cover by simply stripping off the cap. It can just as easily be re-applied as soon as your guests leave.

Cover caps not only protect the top, but the sides as well. They come with the option of a 12” or 38” skirt. These skirts are easily applied and removed. The longer skirt is perfect for protecting the entire hot tub unit for the winter.

Cover caps typically cost about $100. Although you may find cheaper versions online, their quality may be questionable. Consider purchasing this valuable accessory to ensure your hot tub and its cover stay well-maintained for years to come.