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Why You Need a 2” vs 1” Tapered Hot Tub Cover

What is a Taper?

A hot tub cover acts similar to the roof on your house with a pitch and taper — otherwise known as a slope. This taper measures as the thickness from the middle of the cover to the edge. As a result, the cover peaks in the middle and gradually slopes toward the edge of your spa. Consequently, snow, water and debris can easily run off your cover. This will discourage pooling and stress on your cover’s surface, helping you to avoid damage and ensure longevity.

Different cover tapers

Why You Need a Tapered Hot Tub Cover?

Similar to the roof of your house, a quality hot tub cover is designed to keep your spa clean, safe and protected through the seasons, including for wintertime use. The key to ensuring your cover is doing the best job at keeping your spa in good condition for years to come is keeping it clear of snow, precipitation, heavy rain and other debris. Regardless of what climate you live in, elements such as snow, heavy rain and falling leaves damage your cover when they pool on its surface. With a taper encouraging the runoff of these elements, a tapered hot tub cover is essential to avoiding additional wear and tear.

If you’re closing up your hot tub at the cottage for the winter months, having a tapered cover will ensure that while you’re enjoying time at home and eagerly awaiting cottage season, debris, ice, moisture, snow and rain are not pooling on your cover and causing damage.

The Benefits of a 2” Taper vs 1” Taper

When you’re choosing a tapered hot tub cover, keep in mind that not all are created equally. A 1” taper — or the height difference between the centre of the cover and its edge — does not have a steep enough slope to allow for the proper runoff of water, snow and debris. Instead, these elements will gather on top of your cover, causing damage that will reduce its longevity.

In contrast to a 1” taper, a 2” taper is more advantageous when choosing a cover. A 2″ taper’s steeper slope allows snow, rain, ice and debris to run off easily and avoid damage. With less wear and tear, choosing a 2″ taper will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of your spa and cover for longer!

How to Order Your Tapered Hot Tub Cover?

Whether you choose a standard, deluxe or extreme cover — each offering different levels of protection depending on your climate and the weather conditions of your area (including snow, rainfall and temperature), all of The Cover Guy’s covers have a 2” taper for unparalleled quality and durability.

Ordering a tapered hot tub cover that meets your needs — whether you live in a warm or harsh climate — is simple with The Cover Guy. For further all-season protection, durability and lighter weight, consider upgrading to a WeatherShield fabric when you place your order!