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Why Hydraulic Lifter Covers Are Essential for Your Hot Tub

You might need to learn about all the perks of installing a hydraulic spa cover lifter. The obvious one is it makes the hot tub cover easier to remove and put back on, but there’s lots more to it than that. Come take a look at the other benefits you’ll be privy to when you get a hydraulic hot tub cover lifter from The Cover Guy.

What does a hydraulic lifter offer?

Prevents damage from the elements
Generally, for outdoor hot tubs, spa covers protect the hot tub from elemental damage, such as debris, extreme temperature changes, pollutants, and more. A hydraulic hot tub cover lifter ensures the cover is both removed and refastened properly to protect both the water and the shape of the spa cover. Without gaps where the hot tub cover hasn’t been properly sealed, the water remains healthy and the cover remains reliable.

Enhances safety
There are a few ways a hydraulic lifter enhances hot tub safety. The first is that it provides a place for the spa covers to sit so they aren’t leaning against the hot tub or moved somewhere else where they could be a tripping hazard. Not to mention, they could be subject to warping without a proper lifter if they’re constantly left on their sides.

Hydraulic lifters also make it easier to maneuver the hot tub cover so whether you’re a younger person, an older person, or somehow who doesn’t have confidence in their mobility, hydraulic lifters take care of the hard work. Since they hold the weight of the cover, all that’s left to do is guide it into an open or closed position. There’s no risk of injuring your back by twisting or leaning with a heavyweight.

Extends hot tub cover lifespan
A hydraulic lifter moves the hot tub cover in a consistently safe fashion so there’s no extra wear and tear on the fabric. Since the lifter gives the hot tub a place to rest and maneuvers it properly, the hot tub cover can last longer and resist damage so the owner has fewer costs down the road.

One-person operation
Even if you’re the only one wanting to use the hot tub at some point, you won’t need to call someone else over to get it set up. The hydraulic lifter ensures one person can manage opening and closing it. The hydraulic lifter holds all of the weight so you can enjoy the hot tub on your own, or at least get it set up on your own before guests arrive.

All-season accessory
Installing a lifter on spa covers is something you can rely on year-round. Because of the mechanism, the hot tub cover can still easily be opened if it’s been snowed or rained on. And the materials used to create the hydraulic lifter resist rust and damage in any weather.

Improves privacy
A lesser-known perk of a hot tub cover lifter is it can provide additional privacy when the hot tub is in use. Depending on which hydraulic lifter option you go with, the hot tub cover will sit upright alongside one edge of the hot tub creating a wall for some added privacy. This is especially useful for hot tub users with an open backyard or nearby neighbors.

Hydraulic lifter cover features

While The Cover Guy offers a selection of hot tub cover lifters, the hydraulic lifter offers the following features:

  • Durability due to the corrosion-resistant materials that make up the lifter itself and the way the lifter handles the hot tub cover so it isn’t subject to any unnecessary wear and tear.
  • High-quality materials to ensure the mechanisms work consistently and can be relied upon.
  • Ease-of-use to ensure anyone can install the lifter as well as use it without assistance.
  • Options seeing as there are six hydraulic lifter options available at The Cover Guy depending on the needs and preferences of the hot tub owner.

Types of hot tub cover lifters at The Cover Guy

Alongside the hydraulic hot tub cover lifters, there are manual pivot lifters that are a simple and easy-to-install option, as well as the shelf removal system which rolls the hot tub cover off and positions it to be used as a tabletop if desired.

There are many hydraulic spa covers to consider at The Cover Guy, each offering easy installation, durability, and weightlessness, while also offering unique traits that will intrigue various types of hot tub owners.

Check out our hot tub lifter collection to choose your ultimate cover and make setting up the hot tub as relaxing as using it.