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What Temperature should my Hot Tub be set at?

Hot Tub’s can have a significant role in our well being and health. To those fortunate enough to have their own personal spa in their home. It is a convenient self prescribed and self administered physiotherapy and relaxation unit. To be able to come home at the end of a strenuous work day and melt the physical and mental strains of the everyday grind it exceptional. Part of the therapy that a spa or hot tub provides is heat, and that is today’s topic how much heat is appropriate and healthy.


Before we begin about personal preferences it should be noted that manufacturers suggested water temperatures are between 102 – 104 degrees F. All manufacturers have limit switches so that the spa water does not exceed 104 degrees F, however that is not to say that a hot tub could not exceed 104 degrees F.

Person relaxing in a hot tub

Sometimes thermostats and high limit switches in hot tubs can become defective and not work properly, so it is always a good idea to have a thermometer and check the water temperature in your hot tub before jumping in. We strongly advise against home spa water temperatures in excess of 104 degrees F. At that temperature it is dangerous to one’s health, and at 110 degrees F a spa can become dangerous to your life. We also strongly suggest that you do not tamper with the high limit switches in your hot tub that were put in place by the spa manufacturer for your safety.

Manufacturers Suggestion

Even the spa manufacturers suggested 104 degrees F, there can still be health concerns for some tub users. Pregnant women should avoid the hotter hot tub water temperatures because it can be harmful to the fetus. Children should not use a hot tub at the 104 degrees F water temperature as their bodies do not endure acute temperature changes as well as adults can. Individuals with heart conditions, and or high blood pressure should refrain from the higher water temperatures in a tub. For all of these prospective spa users they can still enjoy the benefits of a spa, just at a lower water temperature for their safety, you may want to consult your physician to confirm what is a safe temperature.

Optimal Temperature for a Hot tub

Manufacturers recommend 100 – 104 degrees is the optimal water temperature for your hot tub. This is to enjoy the most benefits from the hydrotherapy you can receive from your spa. Keeping the water temperature of your spa at this level will take a combination of the heating element. And the addition of a good sealing, well insulated hot tub cover.

If you already have a great hard top cover, you may want to look at a soft cover for the water surface. The soft floating cover works in combination with your hard top spa cover. The cover helps keep the heat in and reduce your running costs. The floating soft cover also protects your hard covers underside from chemical damage. Everyone of course will experience the spa water temperature somewhat differently. This is because everyone’s individual body temperature is unique ranging a couple of degrees up or down from 98.6 degrees F.

Other factors that could have tub users experience the hot tub water temperature differently would be, big or spicy meals. Which could make the spa water seem warmer. Also, a number of additional bathers in the hot tub which could cool down the hot tub water. Also, any types of medication or sickness may have you experience the heat of the hot tub water differently.

Your Choice

Enjoy your hot tub at whatever water temperature you feel comfortable in. Without putting you, your family, or your friends in any danger or safety concerns. To maintain your home spa at the appropriate water temperature will be an ongoing expense. To lessen that expense and to ensure that your spa is ready when you are ready to use it. Certify that your spa or hot tub covers are adequate and performing properly and at their best.

We have found many spa owners struggling to keep the temperature of their tub where they want. This results in paying more than they should on their electric bill. This is simply because their hot tub or spa cover is not in good shape. One good way to check if your cover is working properly is to check the hot tub covers weight. It should not weigh more than 50 to 75 lbs. depending on the spa cover size. When the spa cover does exceed 75 lbs. it is an indication the spa cover is saturated. The cover will no longer perform the insulating protection it is required to do.