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Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub Cover

After a stressful day, your hot tub is an oasis where you can rest, relax, and soak your cares away. A good spa tub can truly be a long-term investment in your well-being. Unfortunately, the tub will no longer make you feel good if you’re spending too much time keeping it clean.

To ensure your tub remains a relaxing experience, there are a few steps you need to take to maintain your hot tub. The most important, though, is a hot tub cover. It may be tempting to throw a tarp over your hot tub, but the cover is critical for both the safety and hygiene of your tub and your home. If you’ve struggled with keeping your tub clean, or dealt with cloudy hot tub water or high electricity costs, read on for the benefits a hot tub cover can offer.

1. Improves safety

The safety of pets or children is paramount when it comes to having a large body of water on your property. A lockable hot tub cover keeps pets and kids from falling in accidentally and many covers come with secure straps to keep wandering kids from getting in when they shouldn’t. You may be worried about lifting and handling a hot tub cover, but hot tub cover lifters will do the hard work for you and are another way to keep your hot tub safe.

2. Protects your hot tub

A hot tub is an investment in your home and livelihood, and should be well cared for to maintain those benefits, so it makes dollars and sense to protect your spa with a hot tub cover.

The best hot tub brands offer covers made with marine-grade material that is highly durable and waterproof.

This superior protection can add years to the life of your spa by protecting its jets and mechanisms from the elements. A good cover makes routine maintenance easier and reduces breakdowns and the need for replacement parts.

3. It protects against exposure to the elements

The same vinyl that protects your hot tub from wear also protects it and the water inside from exposure to the elements. Hot tubs have to handle all kinds of weather, and your hot tub cover protects the delicate machinery, surfaces, and water in your hot tub from contamination or long-term damage from rain, snow, wind, or even animals and stray debris. Protect your tub from the day-to-day and extreme weather conditions with a quality hot tub cover.

4. It promotes water cleanliness

A hot tub isn’t enjoyable if the water is cloudy or looks like it needs cleaning. A hot tub cover protects the water from dirt and other contaminants, keeping out insects, trash, leaves, sticks, and other debris that might fall in while the tub isn’t in use.

If you can keep stray messes out of the water, the tub requires less cleaning and fewer chemicals to balance the water. Instead of the time spent draining, cleaning, and refilling the tub and the money spent on chemicals to balance and clean the water, a hot tub cover means more time relaxing and enjoying your tub.

5. It saves you money

A hot tub cover is an investment that pays off in the long run. Compared to the cost of keeping a hot tub heated during the colder months, the extra chemicals and water wasted when dealing with contaminants and cleaning the tub, year over year, you would experience significant savings. Add to that the cost of replacement parts and service charges, and the short-term investment is small compared to the long-term savings.

All these savings of time and money means more time to relax and enjoy your hot tub. If you’re ready to lower your energy bill and water bill, and save yourself time and maintenance on your hot tub, invest in a hot tub cover.

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