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Hot Tub 101
Hot Tub Maintenance

To clean or replace your hot tub filter

Your hot tub’s filter is its lifeline. This small device can make or break your investment, so keeping an eye on its condition is very important. Over time, filters accumulate dirt and grime buildup due to the constant straining process they perform to keep contaminants out of the water and out of the internal components of the hot tub itself. Performing routine maintenance is one of the best things you can do to keep a filter functioning without error, and this will require a few steps. However, there are times when ordering a replacement should be in the works. A damaged or malfunctioning filter can cause serious problems with your hot tub, so addressing the issue as quickly as possible is a must.

The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on a repair bill that could have easily been avoided. Without a filter, your hot tub’s jet lines and other vital parts are exposed to debris that can clog and corrode, two things you simply do not want to mess with. Here are some important tips for determining whether you should clean or replace your filter, as well as how to do so the right way. To keep your filter running smoothly, it would be wise to track this maintenance job along the others your machine will require. This will help prevent skipping the task on accident.

Should you clean or replace your hot tub filter?

  • Inspect the filter for tears and holes; visible signs of damage will call for a replacement. Filters are typically cheap anyways, so it won’t pay to avoid getting a new one if it is required.
  • A good rule of thumb is to replace the filter once a year; this is when most filters lose their ability to trap contaminants. Even if there are no physical signs of damage, you can’t be sure that the filter is performing poorly. Be sure to replace the filter if it has been over a year, even if the hot tub has not been running the whole time.
  • If the center element of the filter is loose or unstable, then you will want to replace it; the core as it is often called should be secure when installed. Leaving a filter that has a loose core in place means risking potential cartridge discharge.
  • Take the filter out once every two weeks and give it a thorough rinsing; a garden hose should work best for most applications, but the only sure way to get rid of buildup in the crevices is to use a specialized filter cleaning tool. This is basically a brush made to get inside the grooves.
  • Once every three months (i.e. when you should perform a complete hot tub drain and refill), take the filter out and inspect it for damage and soak it in a cleaning agent. Have a replacement on hand in advance if you need to install a new unit.