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Tips for a Long-Lasting Spa Cover

Anybody that owns a spa knows how important it is to purchase a durable spa cover. However, no matter how promising the retailer’s sales pitch is if you don’t take care of your spa cover then it will not last as long as most retailers expect it to. Here are a few quick tips to help guarantee that you spa cover is long-lasting!

Keep it Clean

Consider your spa cover to be just like any other surface that you own. It is important to keep the spa cover clear of debris as well as a quick wipe down every few weeks. Most manufacturers suggest cleaning the spa cover every two weeks with a mild detergent. It is best to avoid any cleaning products that include silicone as this has been noted as prematurely drying out the vinyl.

Remove the Cover when Shocking

It’s always a great idea to get into a shocking treatment routine. However, be sure to remove the cover when you do this process. The spa cover will slowly erode with constant exposure to chemicals. This is one of the fastest ways to break down your spa cover and make it necessary for a replacement!

Remove Spa Cover Once a Week

When you first start using your spa you may use it every single day. However, over time you may start to use your spa only on special occasions or a few times per month. Remember to remove the spa cover at least once per week whether you use your spa for bathing or not. This allows your spa cover to completely drain any water that has built up around the edges.

Remove Debris

Don’t allow your spa to become a “catch all” for your seldom used items. Never use your spa cover as a storage area or allow any type of debris to remain on your spa cover for any period of time. This includes rain and snowfall. Take a few moments to remove anything that is resting on your spa cover and you will expand its lifespan.

Maintain Water Chemistry

Because your spa cover is intended to protect the inside of your spa, it is important that the water that it is shielding has balanced water chemistry. This means that the water is less corrosive thus slowing down the chemical breakdown that occurs as the cover is exposed to the chemicals that are present in the water.


The lifespan of your spa cover greatly depends on how attentive you are at keeping it clean and reducing chemical exposure. If you take the time to take care of your spa then it will last for several years—some may even last up to ten years!