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Top 3 ways your hot tub can get damaged

Hot tubs are great for recreation; it is no wonder many people consider them the ultimate personal relaxation device. While they may be perfect for soothing aching muscles (or just having fun); these machines can be damaged like any other. If you own a hot tub, you owe to it yourself to keep it running well. For one thing, they are not always cheap. A good unit can cost a few thousand dollars, so you will definitely want to ensure its proper functioning. This does not mean just keeping the water clean on occasion. Every year, thousands of hot tubs are damaged by improper care, and this can be caused in a variety of ways. Here are the top 3 ways hot tubs are damaged. Take a careful look at this list, and make sure you are doing everything on your end to keep this from happening.

The top 3 ways hot tubs are damaged

  • Improper routine maintenance
  • User abuse
  • Failure to winterize

The number one reason why hot tubs become damaged is due the owner’s failure to perform necessary routine maintenance. It is the little things that do the most damage, and too often do people fail to appreciate this. If you don’t maintain your hot tub’s water at least once per week, you are running the risk of damaging the filtration system and motor.

Every year, these components will fail because someone forgot to add the necessary cleaning chemicals. This is due in large part to neglect and irresponsibility. It may not seem to be a big deal at first, but contaminated water can clog your filter. This in turn will cause your motor to run unnecessarily high. One thing leads to another, and before you know it you are looking at very expensive repair.

Hot tubs are not playgrounds. They are not meant to be jumped on or played in. Doing this can quickly crack the shell of the tub. Once this happens, you can kiss the unit goodbye, or at least be prepared to dish out a few hundred dollars for repairs. If you have children, make sure they do not wrestle in or on top of the hot tub (if you have a cover installed). A very common form of damage occurs when someone stands on top of a cover, only to have it cave in.

If you live in a cold climate, you should always make sure to winterize your hot tub before the seasonal shift occurs. This means performing a complete drain and refill. Every year, someone will go out to use their tub on a cold night only to find that is has stopped working. Proper winterization means inspecting every component before refilling it with clean water. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of not spotting a defect. When the cold weather hits and the piece of equipment is pushed to its breaking point, the results are never good.