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Tub Troubles

Hot Tub Repair 101: The SPH Error and how to Fix

What is an SPH error code on your hot tub, and how to trouble shoot and repair it. An SPH error code means that your hot tub essentially is not heating up. There are a few things to look for when trouble shooting the SPH error code.

  1. Is your water below 60 degrees and not heating up? Sometimes just a good reset is needed. Unplug your hot tub and turn all power sources off and let the unit cool down then restart and see if the error remains.
  2. One of the main reasons for the SPH error is the limitations of water flow. Make sure all inlets and outlets are free and clear and water is able to flow easily. Often this can be a dirty filter or a blocked intake causing this error.
  3. Lastly unfortunately you may have damaged equipment and may have to replace the circuit board or the heating element to make your hot tub operational again.

I hope this helps you with your SPH error message and you are able to resolve it soon and get back into the hot tub. Please keep us in mind if you need any hot tub supplies and of course if you need a quality hot tub cover there is no better place to go then The Cover Guy.