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The Simple Ingenuity Of A Wood-Fired Hot Tub

If you’ve found this article, you’re likely trying to find out more about these almost mythical contraptions that function nearly in the same way as a hot tub, with the key difference being that they use the awesome power of fire to keep the water toasty. It sounds pretty cool right? Or hot, we suppose. In this Backyard Blast article we intend on giving a thorough introduction on everything there is to know about wood-fired hot tubs based on some common questions, such as how to use a wood-fired hot tub. We’ll also go over options on getting one for yourself, including the always-convenient wood-fired hot tub kit.

How Does A Wood-Fired Hot Tub Work?

First off, how does a wood-fired hot tub work? As we said already, a wood-fired hot tub makes use of burning wood to generate heat for your tub. The heat generated by the fire quickly warms the water, thus creating the titular experience of a ‘hot’ tub. The heater can either be placed externally, or inside the tub itself. It’s all down to preference really. If you go the route of an internal heater, it needs to be in a water-tight compartment separate from the water itself, as it will be submerged in the water. You’ll also want some sort of divider to keep you from burning yourself while you’re in the tub. An external heater has fewer ‘rules’ to worry about, as it isn’t in the water or near any people. They also tend to heat things a little slower, as it isn’t directly adjacent to the water. But if you’re not in a rush, it also means you get more room in the tub for people. It all comes down to what suits you best, as both are valid options.

Wood-fired hot tubs are often made of wood or stainless steel: wood if you are handy and feel like constructing it yourself, and steel if you instead choose to convert an existing container that would serve well as a tub. If you’re interested in building one and don’t feel like doing any guesswork on the necessary parts, you can purchase a wood-fired hot tub kit. The kits often provide all the parts you’ll need to assemble a wood-fired hot tub. There are plenty of online retailers who specialize in wood-fired hot tub kits. Make sure to take your time and see if any catch your eye!

How To Use A Wood-Fired Hot Tub?

Using a wood-fired hot tub is quite simple really. It is also inherently a more rugged and outdoorsy matter. First, (in case this wasn’t obvious) you need wood on hand. More specifically, you need wood that has been prepared. That is to say, chopped and ready to toss into your heater. It is definitely worth noting that unlike standard and inflatable hot tubs, wood-fired hot tubs do not need to be chemically treated. They do, however, need to be drained and cleaned, as there is no water circulation taking place. We would suggest draining and refilling after every use to stop things from getting contaminated by bacteria.

Pros And Cons Of A Wood-Fired Hot Tub

First of all, you can’t discount the cool-factor of a wood-fired hot tub. If you’re searching for a certain aesthetic, you can’t get much more rustic and rugged than this – especially the cedar wood ones, although the stainless steel tubs are definitely aesthetically pleasing in their own right. Wood-fired hot tubs also tend to heat up quite fast, especially the internally heated ones. However if you’re interested in maintaining a precise water-temperature, that isn’t exactly possible in a wood-fired hot tub, as the fire dictates how hot things will get. You can of course control the temperature by adding more or less fuel, but a precise temperature is less important when you don’t have to worry about the hydro bill. We still recommend a thermometer just so you can keep an eye on just how hot the water’s getting – you don’t want to boil!

Another huge benefit to the wood-fired hot tub is that it can function off-grid. Maybe you want a hot tub in your remote cottage – no problem! Something to keep in mind though is that with fire, there will always be smoke. This is especially important to remember if you’re interested in a wood-fired hot tub. A stove pipe that is kept free of any obstructions can work wonders in ensuring that you don’t get a face full of smoke while trying to enjoy a soak. The smoke almost certainly does add to the cool factor as well.

You Still Need A Cover!

If we’ve convinced you to try out a funky wood-fired hot tub – great! We can also help you keep that water clean and hot with one of our quality tub covers. With one of The Cover Guy’s premium and custom-fitted covers, you can rest assured that your tub is protected from the elements. They’ll also help with reaching your desired temperature as they help keep in the heat. It should also be noted that you’ll have to drain your wood-fired hot tub often enough: you don’t want to have to drain it just because you left it uncovered.

Stick Around For More Great Articles

Wood-fired hot tubs can be placed into the same category as vinyl records: you’d think they would be rendered completely irrelevant by new technology, but through all the new iterations, some may feel that the magic was lost along the way. There’s something truly special about a hot tub heated by fire – it just sounds extra cozy! We’ll admit that we aren’t the experts on wood-fired hot tubs, so if you’re really serious about getting one, make sure to do your research.

If this is your first time reading a Backyard Blast article, know that we publish all kinds of hot tub-centric content. If you’re interested in learning more about the whimsical world of hot tubs, check out some of our other posts where we cover popular brands, hot tub maintenance tips, frequently asked questions, and more. As always, happy tubbing!