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5 Easy Hot Tub Spa Maintenance Tips

Owning a hot tub is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but the maintenance that goes with hot tubs and spas is not so much fun. Too many hot tub owners under utilize their tubs or refrain from getting one all together because they worry about hot tub spa maintenance. Taking care of your hot tub is not such a big deal! And The Cover Guy is trying to make it even easier when you follow The Cover Guy five Easy Hot Tub Spa maintenance tips.

1. Clean the Hot Tub Cover

Seems simple, doesn’t it? It is, but so many hot tub owners forget this simple step. A clean hot tub cover protects a hot tub better and makes your backyard look nicer. The Cover Guy top tip *Keep a broom handy to sweep away dead leaves, cobwebs and other debris. Use a towel to wipe up excess moisture and clean up those sticky popsicles your kid left behind yesterday.

2. Shock the Tub

You should shock your hot tub weekly to sanitize the water and break down organic compounds that make the water cloudy. A weekly shock is in order no matter what hot tub sanitizer you use bromine shock or chlorine shock (and the difference between the two is for another article).

3. Clean the Filter

While you shock your hot tub, which only takes about 10 minutes, you can do double hot tub maintenance duty and clean your hot tub filter at the same time. Use a hot tub filter cleaner and let it dry (or put in your spare filter that you cleaned last week) before putting it back in.

4. Check the Levels

Checking the chlorine (or bromine) and pH levels each time before you use the hot tub and adjust these as needed. Testing takes about two to three minutes and you can test the levels in the time it takes for the wife to put on her bathing suit, grab some towels and pour the wine. You weren’t doing anything during those three minutes anyway.

5. Change the Water

This is the aspect of hot tub spa maintenance home owners probably fear the most because it takes the most time. But, you only have to do this every two to three months, or essentially once a season, and it only takes a couple of hours. Changing your water regularly, though, helps the tub run more efficiently, stay clean and fresh, and prevent hard water build up in the tub.

Hot tub maintenance isn’t complicated. And when you add up the time per month it takes to care for your tub, it amounts to less time than cooking dinner or watching your favorite T.V. show. So stop complaining about having a luxury item in your backyard. That’s like complaining about eating steak for dinner and no one likes the guy who does that.