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Spa Cover Lifters Installation

Installing a spa cover lifter is a quick and easy process. It should take under an hour.

Tools for the Job

An increasing number of hot tub cover lifters can be attached without any power tools whatsoever. These typically come with attachable clamps or under mount brackets. If possible, buy a cover lifter like this. Not only will it save you valuable time when setting up your spa cover lifter, but also it will help maintain your hot tub’s resale value by not drilling holes in the wood siding.

If you’ve already bought a cover lifter that screws into the wood siding, that’s alright. All you need is a power drill.

Step 1: Drilling the Holes (optional)

If your hot tub cover lifter comes with brackets or a mounting system, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

If you need to screw your lifter in, first drill lead holes to make it easier on yourself when you put the screws in. Use a narrow drill bit, 1/16th of an inch diameter or less, to drill the first holes. Be careful not to drill more than an inch deep, or you risk damaging your hot tub shell.

Step 2: Attaching the Mounting Brackets

Screw the mounting brackets on. With pre-drilled holes this will be easy. You can do it with either a screwdriver or a power drill. If you skip the hole drilling stage, you will need to use a power drill to drive the screws. Use a slow setting and take it easy. Pushing too hard while driving the screws can crack your wood siding.

Step 3: Attaching the Pivoting Arms

Spa cover lifters should include arms that can attach to the brackets on free pivots. Attach these arms now.

Step 4: Attaching the Support Arms and/or Hydraulics

There should be support arms that ink the two pivot arms included in your cover lifter package. Attach these now. There also may be hydraulics for power lifters. Attach these. If any part contains an electric motor, do not connect it until you have fully installed the cover lifter.

Step 5: Connect the Cover Lifter to your Hot Tub Cover

Different models of spa cover lifters will have greatly different ways of doing this. This is one step where you absolutely need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions. If no instructions were included in your shipment, contact The Cover Guy. Our expert staff can talk you through the installation.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Your shipment should include hand grips. Put them on and slide them to a position that works for you. Most of the CoverMate Lifters come with a towel rack install if it is included. Connect any electrical components, taking any and all precautions to avoid the dangerous mixture of electricity and water.

Step 7: Try it Out!

Your cover should come on and off virtually effortlessly. If it is still a struggle, don’t force it. Review your installation to make sure the spa cover lifter has a free pivot. If your cover lifter does work, then hop in! You’ve earned it!