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Should you buy a backup hot tub cover?

Something the majority of hot tub owners never think about is whether they should purchase a back up cover. Depending on which type of cover you end up buying, the costs can be expensive. After all, if you’re paying good money for a cover, why would you need to buy another one? It would seem like a waste of funds, but having an alternate is actually a very smart investment. In no way do you need to purchase a cover of identical quality and value though, but you will need something to protect your hot tub in the event that something happens to your primary one. Here are some good reasons why purchasing a backup hot tub cover is a good idea.

Reasons you should buy a backup

  • You will be protecting your larger investment
  • You can get a quality cover at an inexpensive cost
  • Your energy savings may outweigh your initial payment

The most important point to keep in mind about the idea of purchasing a backup cover is the reason why you are buying it. Your hot tub itself is undoubtedly going to cost a lot more money than an alternative cover will, but it is the latter that could save your bigger investment from ruin. Let’s say during the middle of winter your primary cover decides to fail on you. If the weather is really bad and you don’t have a structure (i.e. gazebo) to protect your hot tub from snow/ice, you could run into some expensive repairs. Also, not having a backup means leaving your hot tub exposed, which is a safety hazard if you have children.

Just because you may have purchased a really nice cover for your hot tub does not mean the backup has to be as nice. It merely has to get the job done until you can purchase a better one later on. Think function over style for the alternate; this means not having to pay nearly as much for it either. It never hurts to shop around for deals. At The Cover Guy, we offer low prices on many different covers. You can buy the Hot Tub Cover Cap. It is not super fancy, but the material is very durable and will be sure to keep your machine safe and running well.

Lastly, and this depends on many other factors as well, having a replacement cover can pay itself off by keeping your energy costs down. If your primary cover faults out during wintertime (when hot tubs are forced to work harder), a backup will work to keep valuable heat from escaping. If you use your hot tub frequently and prefer to keep the temperature quite high, a replacement cover will certainly be in your best interest for this reason alone. You would be surprised at how much lower utility bills are when a cover is installed.