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Preparing Your Hot Tub for Warmer Winter Weather

With Canada experiencing warmer winter weather due to El Niño and other factors, hot tub enthusiasts can enjoy a longer spa season. Changeable weather, however, also means you need to pay extra attention to maintaining and preparing your hot tub and your hot tub cover.

This article will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your hot tub is prepped, safe, clean, and energy-efficient throughout these warmer winter months.

How El Niño changes the weather

El Niño is a climate pattern originating in the Pacific Ocean that has widespread effects on global weather patterns. It typically brings warmer temperatures and altered weather conditions to many regions, including Canada. Understanding the impact of El Niño on your local weather is crucial for adapting your hot tub maintenance routine to fit these changes.

Prep your tub for more tubbing

With warmer winters, increased hot tub usage means more wear and tear and a greater need for maintenance. Here are some key areas to focus on.

Water balance
Ensuring the water in your hot tub is properly balanced is vital for a safe and enjoyable experience. Regularly test and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels to maintain optimal conditions. Neglecting this can lead to skin irritation, unpleasant odors, and potential damage to the hot tub’s internal components.

Water filters
The water filters in your hot tub play a crucial role in keeping the water clean and clear. Over time, oils and debris from frequent use can accumulate, leading to clogged filters and diminished water quality and circulation. Regularly cleaning and replacing these filters as needed will ensure efficient system operation and prolong the life of your hot tub.

Cover wear and tear
A well-maintained cover is essential for any hot tub. It helps in retaining heat, reducing energy costs, and preventing debris from contaminating the water. Inspect your cover periodically for cracks, tears, or waterlogging. Signs of wear and tear can compromise its effectiveness, so addressing these issues promptly is crucial to maintaining your hot tub’s cleanliness and efficiency.

Energy efficiency in changeable weather

Even in warmer winters, maintaining energy efficiency is key. Here’s how you can keep your hot tub running efficiently.

Adjusting temperature settings
Even during warmer winters, it’s wise to adjust the temperature of your hot tub. Lowering the thermostat a few degrees can yield substantial energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

This small change means the heating system works less, reducing energy consumption and extending the lifespan of your hot tub components. In fluctuating temperatures, you may need to keep an eye on the temperature of your tub.

Cover usage
A high-quality hot tub cover, such as The Deluxe Hot Tub Cover from The Cover Guy, is crucial for energy efficiency. A well-fitted and maintained cover minimizes heat loss, keeping the water at a consistent temperature and reducing the need for constant heating.

Ensure the cover is in good condition, free from tears or sagging, to maximize its insulating properties, save on energy costs, and keep your hot tub cleaner for every use.

Extreme Hot Tub Cover

The weather is certainly becoming more changeable and even with winter having warmer periods, your hot tub cover must withstand extreme weather. The Cover Guy has developed products like the Extreme Hot Tub Cover to handle whatever the weather throws at your hot tub to maximize the life of your investment. Let’s take a look at what makes it a great option.

Superior construction
The new Superior Walk On Cover is an innovative upgrade option designed to offer unparalleled durability and protection for your hot tub. Featuring a robust two-pound, high-density foam core, this cover can withstand heavy snow loads and impacts, making it ideal when the winter turns unexpectedly harsh.

Its 6″- 4″ tapered foam thickness ensures effective rain, ice, and snow runoff, preventing water accumulation from frequent thaws and their potential damage. The foam is CFC-free, manufactured using steam instead of harmful Freon agents, aligning with environmental protection standards.

High durability
Unlike other covers that might use lower quality materials, the Superior Walk On Cover uses only the highest density foams, capable of supporting substantial loads, including snowfalls and accidental steps from children and animals. The stitching is reinforced at over twenty points of high stress, ensuring the cover’s longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Maximum exterior protection
The cover’s excellence extends to its exterior, which is crafted from the highest grade marine vinyl featuring UV and mildew inhibitors, preserving its beauty and function through all seasons. An aluminum reinforcement stiffener along the center adds an extra layer of strength, while the innovative technology used in coating and wrapping the foam guarantees zero water absorption. This means the cover won’t become waterlogged, a common issue with some spa covers, ensuring it remains light and easy to handle.

Handling and security
Speaking of handling, the cover includes double-reinforced folding hinges and tear-free handles to facilitate easy removal, along with four lockable child safety straps for added security. This cover meets and exceeds all ASTM standards for hot tub covers, offering peace of mind and reliability. To top it off, the cover comes with a seven-year warranty, reflecting the confidence in its quality and durability.

Trust The Cover Guy

If you’re looking for advice on how to winterize a hot tub, trust The Cover Guy for everything you need to prepare your hot tub for changeable and more extreme weather in Canada. Visit The Cover Guy today for all the accessories you need to keep your tub in top condition all winter.