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No More Headaches with Spa Solution!

There is nothing worse than having your hot tub water go stinky, cloudy, or abrasive I know because it has all happened to me at one point or another with my hot tub. These problems have become a thing of the past for my hot tub since I started using of Spa Solution.

I have been in the pool and spa profession my entire life over 30 years, and at one point or another my hot tub has developed issues relating to me not being diligent enough with my water chemistry. I know from talking to my customers this is a common issue in their hot tubs as well. I was talking with a close friend in the hot tub business and he mentioned Spa Solution as a cure for my hot tub chemistry woes. Trusting in the endorsement of the spa solution product I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! We have had nothing but great water in our hot tub ever since we started using Spa Solution and with little to no effort. I guess that is the way it should be for a device that is suppose to give you relaxation.

Purge spaSpa Solution is the best hot tub water management system that I have ever used, it is safer for your Family and friends, and your hot tub equipment. You start the process by using the Spa purge product and that is meant to completely clean your hot tub out of any prior chemical residue and build up that might be present in your hot tub. You remove the hot tub filters and pour in a bottle of Spa Purge and run your hot tub for five days. At the end of five days you completely drain the hot tub and make sure you remove all remaining water and debris.

You then fill up your hot tub with fresh water and balance your alkalinity and PH. Once that is balanced and your hot tub has reached the heat desired you pour in a bottle of spa solution. With Chlorine granules you maintain your chlorine levels as directed.

You will find with the Spa Solution you will not have a chlorine odor nor will your chemicals fluctuate, you will find that the chemicals will not be as corrosive to you, your hot tub equipment, and your hot tub cover during the three-month treatment of Spa Solution. At the end of three months you ad another bottle of Spa Solution treatment and you are set for another three months.

If your struggling with your hot tub water chemistry or if your family does not like the harshness of chlorine and bromine I highly recommend you give spa solution a try. I am a spa and hot tub professional and I highly recommend the Spa Solution system, and after you have tried I know you will to!