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Must-Have Hot Tub Accessories

If you’re reading this, you likely either own a hot tub, or are planning on buying one in the future. Like any large purchase, choosing a hot tub can be time-consuming; you have to factor in your budget, lifestyle, geography, and the layout of your home and garden. Once you’ve finally selected the perfect tub however, your journey is only just beginning. Thanks to the wonderful world of hot tub accessories there are a huge number of things you can do to add convenience and luxury to your hot tub experience.

We’re not trying to scare you away – quite the opposite in fact! We want you to get excited knowing that in terms of customisation, luxury, and comfort, the world is your oyster (or at least your hot tub is). It’s good to know what kinds of accessories exist so that you can explore the full range of customisation available. From there, you can improve your hot tub setup by selecting the accessories that are most suited to your lifestyle. Now, let’s talk about hot tub accessories!

The Basics

We figured we should start with some of the basic hot tub accessories. These are items that we’d recommend to just about anyone. These aren’t necessarily the products that’ll make you go “wow!”, but they’re extremely useful, even if they don’t add to the fun factor.

Winter Covers for Hot Tubs

The Cover Guy carries a durable and effective winter cover that keeps not only your standard cover, but the skirting of your tub safe from the frigid elements. A cover for your cover may seem redundant, but that is not the case. Added layers of protection will further ensure that your hot tub is safe from the elements.

Steps for your Hot Tub

If you want to step up your hot tub game, steps are another basic accessory that are pretty much always nice to have. Depending on the quality you opt for (like a lot of these accessories) steps could find their way into the luxury category, but it’s never necessary to spend too much on something like this: it’s kind of hard to screw up a step-stool.

Draining Pump for your Hot Tub

Draining your hot tub is a necessary step in cleaning it, and a hot tub draining pump is an extremely worthwhile investment if you want to cut down on time. Depending on the quality of the pump you opt for, you can expect to drain your tub in a fraction of the time it would take to drain unassisted. You could argue that this is more of a luxury item, but we feel that once you try it, you’ll consider it part of the must-have roster of hot tub accessories.

Spa Vacuum

A spa vacuum may not scream excitement, but you’ll certainly get used to the added level of convenience it brings to your tub cleaning regiment. Maybe there’s a bit of dirt in the water, but not enough to warrant draining the entire tub to get rid of it. That’s where the spa vacuum shines: it’s yet another accessory that we believe should be part of every hot tub owner’s kit. Alright, it’s time to move on before we literally list all the basic hot tub accessories that are available (we’d be here all day!)

Adding Some Luxury

Okay, let’s be honest: if you’re the one with a hot tub, then you’ve already got the title of ‘best back garden’. But now’s not the time to rest on your laurels: it’s time to shoot for the stars! No, we don’t think we’re being overly dramatic. Now, let’s discuss some of the more interesting and fun hot tub accessories that are available to you.

Hot Tub Umbrellas

You can get outdoor umbrellas that are specifically designed to be paired with a hot tub. With one of these, you can enjoy your soak without getting sunburned (or rained on). From an aesthetic point of view, there’s nothing quite as inviting as a hot tub accompanied by a shade-giving umbrella. What more could you possibly ask for? Well, we’ll tell you:

Weighted spa cushions

Weighted spa cushions are great if you’d prefer to have some more elevation while enjoying a soak. They can also provide a much–needed plush to your seat if you find that the built-in seating of your tub just isn’t cutting it. They’re also great for shorter hot tub users, as it helps them relax comfortably without feeling too low in the water.

Towel Warmer

The worst part about getting in a hot tub is having to get out again, especially if you’re outside and it’s cold out! We would recommend investing in a dressing gown to ease the transition. If you want to take it a step further, a towel warmer can make all the difference. You can actually make the process of getting out of the hot tub pleasant, instead of something to be dreaded. If stepping out of a hot tub only to be greeted with a pre-warmed towel isn’t the height of at-home luxury, we don’t know what is.

Hot Tub & Spa Covers!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention hot tub covers (it’s our bread and butter, after all). The cover is arguably the most important accessory of your hot tub, and certainly not one that you’d want to ignore. Our covers are built to withstand all climates, and are custom-made to fit any tub you purchase. Cover lifters are another incredibly important accessory that should be invested in. They may not be entirely necessary, but they offer a level of convenience that you will struggle to remember how you got on before getting one. We’ve hand-selected the best cover lifters to sell on our website, so know that whichever one you pick, it’s a quality product.

Customize Your Tub To Your Heart’s Content

We’re absolutely certain that we didn’t mention all the fun hot tub accessories that are available (that would take all day!), but we hope we’ve given you an idea as to the staggering range of accessories available to you. It’s not about having everything, either: it’s about selecting the accessories that matter most to you, and elevating your hot tub experience. We know that not everyone needs a specialized hot tub umbrella, Until next time, happy tubbing!