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Maximize Energy Efficiency: Hot Tub Cover Insulation

Hot tubs can have a significant impact on monthly hydro and water bills. However, using the right insulation within the hot tub cover can lower the investment and improve energy efficiency. Learn about insulation types to make the most informed decision on savings.

Hot tub insulation

One of the main factors in turning your backyard haven into an energy-efficient experience is using the right hot tub covers that provide enough insulation. This means containing the heat of the water, resisting waterlogging, filling gaps and crevices, and containing evaporation so water and heat isn’t lost.

The key is to get hot tub covers that work properly for your spa. This depends on a few factors:

  • Shape: some hot tubs will require customized hot tub covers to ensure they’re properly encapsulated.
  • Location: The local environment can have an impact on which hot tub cover is best as well depending on temperature and precipitation.
  • Requirements: Some hot tub covers will perform better in terms of energy consumption. Different hot tub owners will have different expectations regarding this.

How to improve energy efficiency with hot tub insulation
Ideally, you should invest in a well-made hot tub cover for heat retention, which is a large source of energy. The investment also means the cover will last much longer than cheap versions which also reduces spending.

Cheaply made hot tub covers with thin materials tend to soak up water and get weighed down. Once this happens, its insulation ability is compromised. Then the hot tub equipment must work harder to maintain the set temperature, raising the energy bill.

The best case scenario is to get hot tub covers made with UV-protected marine-grade vinyl. They are resistant to mildew, waterlogging, and UV degradation. Hot tub covers should also be tapered so its centre doesn’t get weighed down by water until it breaks. Look for hot tub covers with heat-sealed foam, firm latch closure, and thicker taper for harsher environments.

Other tips to reduce energy consumption

  • Manage the settings accordingly. Don’t have the hot tub running constantly if you’re away or if it’s not in use. Use energy-saving settings to reduce the heat and the time it spends pumping water.
  • Track electricity rates. If your utility company has different rates depending on peak hours, run heating and filtration cycles during off-peak hours to lower your energy bill.
  • Use LED lights. They use much less energy than standard lights. Also be sure to turn off any lights when the hot tub isn’t in use.
  • Keep hot tub covers locked. Keeping it tightly sealed ensures there’s no unneeded evaporation or heat loss.

The perks of the right choice

1. Optimal hot tub performance
Leveraging quality hot tub insulation isn’t just about being energy efficient, it’s also about ensuring the hot tub performs at its best. These tips that lower monthly energy bills and improve energy efficiency also ensure the hot tub is kept clean and secure with hot tub covers and the hot tub’s settings are managed according to when it’s used so all of its parts last longer.

2. Savings on monthly electricity bills
According to Direct Energy, it costs hot tub users around one dollar a day to run a hot tub with a high-end bill of fifty dollars per month. There’s a big range there, as well as the opportunity to further reduce that bill using our energy-saving tips.

These costs come from the heater, which draws between 1,500 to 6,000 watts, the pump which uses around 1,500 watts. However, these numbers are adjustable depending on the hot tub size, thermostat settings, environment, hot tub insulation, and water heater usage.

3. Contributions to a more energy-efficient planet
While we want to continue enjoying the benefits of a hot tub, these variables can help lower energy consumption and cost, contributing to an overall effort to be more sustainable.

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