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Leaking Hot Tub and How to Fix it

Hot tub leaks happen, but they can be fixed easily. It is important to regularly check if you have a leaking hot tub, and make necessary repairs before the problem gets worse.

The best way to find a leak in your hot tub is to manually inspect for pools of water or saturated foam insulation. These inspections will lead you to the leak in your hot tub. It could be as simple as replacing or tightening clamps or unions. It could also be winter freeze or rodent damage. Make certain that your hot tub cover is sealing properly and that you are not just experiencing water evaporation.

Safety Tip: Remember to power off the hot tub before making any repairs or adjustments.

Essential Tools and Materials

  • Basic tool set
  • Flashlight
  • Scraper or box knife
  • Food coloring

Common Leak Sources

  • The Pump
    Many hot tub pumps leak. In most instances, the seal on the pump needs to be replaced or the union fittings need to be tightened. (Fittings become loose from repeat use). You can purchase a new pump seal online or at your local pool and hot tub supply store.
  • Valves
    All valves are at risk for leaks need to be checked regularly. The gasket on knife style valves can break easily and the valves on either side of the hot tub are also known to cause leaks. If one of your valves is leaking, it needs to be replaced immediately.
  • The Heater
    Hot tub heaters can leak. If you noticed your heater is leaking water, check the heater assembly manifold and replace any parts that are a source or potential source of the leak.
  • The Shell
    Leaks from the spa shell itself are uncommon since most hot tubs are made with durable fiberglass that is not easily broken. If the shell appears to be leaking, the source is most likely a jet or other attachment that is loose. If you have an actual shell leak, however, use PVC bonding products to seal the area.
  • Connections
    All hot tub connections, such as pipes, jets and gaskets, need to be checked regularly. Tighten all loose connections manually and seal those that are leaking. For example, often you can have a clamp give way especially the new pressure fitted clamps. Also you can have a cracked pipe that can be sealed with PVC sealing glue. Any failing gasket will need to be replaced. All of these can lead to a leaking hot tub.

The Leaking Hot Tub Test

The first thing you must do is the leak test. Also, make sure you turn off your hot tub power and equipment and wait to see where the hot tub water stops and maintains its level. This will show you at what level your leak is and you can start to further investigate this height for leaks. If you cannot identify the source of the leak, add a small amount of food coloring to the water and see where the food coloring is being pulled toward in the hot tub water. This is a good indicator of the possible location of the leak. Finally, if you cannot identify the source of the leak, you must call in a Hot tub repair specialist like Orlando’s Certified Leak Detection.