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How to remove a stuck Hot Tub Filter?

Is your hot tub filter stuck? Do you know how to remove it if it is? In this article, we will go over the best ways to remove a hot tub filter when it is stuck and how to avoid getting it stuck in the first place.

Why is my Filter stuck?
Here are a few reasons why your filter might get stuck:

✔ Inserted too tightly

✔ Not changed often enough

✔ Covered in residue

How to remove a stuck Hot Tub Filter?
In order to remove your filter safely and easily, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the power to the hot tub off
  2. Use a strap wrench to create a lever that will help remove the filter
  3. Drain the water from your hot tub (if necessary)

By cutting off the power, the water will stop getting sucked into the filter and it will make it easier to remove.

Once the power is cut, the best tool to help remove a stuck filter will be a strap wrench. With the help of this tool, you will be able to create a lever effect that will loosen the filter and allow you to remove it.

You may also have to drain the water from your hot tub in order to get better access to the filter’s location.

How to ensure your Hot Tub Filter doesn’t get stuck?
Here is some advice to help prevent your filter from getting stuck again:

  • Only hand tighten your filter, do not use any tools
  • Do not cross thread your filter
  • Clean your hot tub filter monthly
  • Replace your hot tub filter annually

When a filter gets stuck, it’s often because the filter wasn’t installed correctly or hasn’t been used correctly. This is why it is important to remember to always tighten with your hands and never use tools.

Using a tool may damage the filter housing and/or make it difficult to remove. The threads of your filter should also never cross. By cross threading, you may damage the filter receiving threads and the filter itself.

Remove your hot tub filter monthly in order to clean it or replace it. Deep clean your filter at least once every three months. Doing this will help your hot tub continue to function optimally.

To keep your hot tub and filter free of debris, consider using The Cover Guy Scum-Sock, which is affordable and easy to use.

It collects debris before it gets to your filter and pump and provides an additional layer of protection.