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How to Build a Custom Hot Tub

A customized hot tub is a fabulous addition to any home and can instantly add value to your property. Although there are many companies that will install a hot tub and design the surrounding area for you, there is no reason why you can’t build your own if you have the skills to pull it off. If you consider yourself a great handy-man who has access to quality materials, then consider performing this great outdoor project. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a hot tub with the satisfaction of knowing you built it yourself.

Custom hot tub with rocks and waterfall

Choose an area that will accommodate hot tub steps
Assess your backyard and its existing deck to find a suitable location for your hot tub. Examine the measurements for standard tubs and see if your desired area can accommodate the equipment. Remember to account for extra space around the sides, as you’ll need room to install hot tub steps to get in and out of the hot tub.

Prepare the base
Once you’ve found a suitable location, it is necessary to prepare the base. Excavate the area and smooth out the ground surface, ensuring that it is level and free of debris. Head over to your local home improvement store to purchase a sturdy, plastic base covering. Make sure the base is weather-resistant and thick enough to keep your hot tub off the ground. Once the base is installed, pour concrete over it and allow a few days for it to harden.

Construct the hot tub walls
Now that the base is finished, it is time to construct the walls of your hot tub. Thermalite blocks are often used but renovation experts will know what type of material is best-suited for your region’s climate. Ask family members what height is most comfortable for them. If your hot tub will be used by children, it is best to keep the height low for safety reasons. But if the space will mainly be used by adults, you can get away with a higher height to ensure added privacy.

Create personalized walkways
Consider what type of walkway space you need to construct for easy access into the hot tub. Will you create a small concrete laneway? Or perhaps you will lay down some nice rock tiles along the surrounding areas. Find a solution that is not only practical but also visually appealing, as you will want this space to be as serene and spa-like as possible.

Install plumbing and jets
For this step, you may want to hire a qualified plumber. Decide the placement of your jets and install the necessary plumbing to get water pumping into the hot tub. Remember: The more powerful the jets, the more advanced the plumbing will be. Choose parts that are water-efficient to ensure you’re not paying a fortune on water bills down the line.

Beautify the area
Line the inside of your hot tub with tiles that suit your aesthetic tastes. Consider ways to turn the surrounding area into a spa-like retreat. Whether you are using rocks, intricate tiling or landscaping, the options are endless when it comes to creating your own backyard oasis. Choose a spa cover that compliments the custom hot tub and provides it with the protection and coverage it needs.

Purchase a hot tub cover
It would be a shame to build your own custom hot tub, only to find it ruined by the elements. Invest in a good-quality hot tub cover to keep your tub clean and free of leaves and debris when not in use. Spa covers are also a great way to keep curious children away from an unsupervised hot tub.

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