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How Much Does A Hot Tub Pump Cost To Replace?

One of the most common problems with aging hot tubs is a malfunctioning pump. Pumps usually consist of two components: the wet end and the dry end. The wet end contains an impeller that moves the water around. Meanwhile, the dry end is made up of an electric motor that actually rotates the impeller. When one or both of these components are not working, the pump may need to be repaired or entirely replaced.

Hot tub pump

If you hear strange noises (humming or hammering) coming from your hot tub, it may be a sign that your pump is broken. The impeller may be jammed, causing a grinding noise. Or worn-out bearings could cause a whining sound. A hot tub pump also includes seals to prevent any water leakage. If you notice water seeping out of the tub, it may be a sign that these pump seals also need to be replaced.

Generic pump parts are usually cheaper than proprietary ones. Many technicians will tell you, however, that the pump does not necessarily need to match the make/model of your hot tub. A different manufacturer’s parts will work in your unit as long as the specifications are the same.

A simple motor replacement may cost you about $150, depending on its intricacy. However, an entire pump replacement could cost $450 or more. Things like pump seals and water rings cost less than $10.00 each. Check out prices at your local home improvement store, or contact the retailer from where you purchased your unit

Unless you are a skilled technician, electric components in your hot tub should be handled by a professional. When purchasing pump parts, ask the retailer about installation fees.Always remember to budget some extra money for labour. Often times, the labour costs can end up being more expensive than the actual part.