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Hot Tubbing: Energy-Efficient Savings In Fall

Most of us want to make the most of our hot tub investment by using the spa as long as possible. As autumn begins, though, hot tub maintenance is essential for anyone hoping to make the most of their home relaxation time. With the temperatures dropping, you might be concerned about the soaring energy bills from your hot tub usage. Balancing increased energy bills with enjoying your hot tub as long as possible is a real issue.

But don’t let higher energy bills deter you from soaking in the beauty of the fall scenery. You can optimize energy efficiency and keep costs low with the right strategies. This article looks at ways to enhance your hot tub’s efficiency during fall while saving energy and money.

Maintenance is the cornerstone of efficiency

General maintenance of your hot tub will save you dollars all year round, and that’s especially true for fall. Below are two areas to focus on.

Fix leaks: Even the tiniest leaks can lead to significant energy wastage over time. Regular hot tub inspections allow you to detect and fix any leaks promptly, which is extremely important if you’re looking to keep costs down.

When water is lost due to a leak, the heater has to work harder to keep the temperature stable, consuming more energy. So, a thorough inspection during fall can save you much more than just the cost of lost water.

Replace old filters: A clean and efficient filter system enhances water circulation, reducing the energy required to keep the water clean and at the desired temperature. Old or clogged filters force the hot tub to work harder, consuming more power.

So, as you prepare for fall, clean your filters and replace them if they show signs of wear. This maintenance will save you on energy use and costs.

Simple tips and tricks for savings

Besides basic maintenance, a few other simple tricks will allow for even further savings on subsequent energy bills.

Turn off air controls: Air controls or air jets introduce cold air into the water, which means your heater has to work overtime to maintain the temperature. Turning them off, especially during the colder months, can save significant energy. What you lose on bubbly water, you save on energy bills.

Lower your water temperature: Even a slight reduction in water temperature can lead to considerable savings. If you typically keep your hot tub at 104°F, consider reducing it to 102°F. This minor adjustment might be barely noticeable in comfort, especially when the ambient air temperature is much cooler, but can lead to substantial energy savings.

Hot tub draining: You should drain and refill your hot tub every three to four months. During fall, consider aligning your hot tub draining schedule with periods when you might not use it as frequently, reducing the need for the heater to work from scratch and conserving energy.

Keep your cover locked: Ensure your hot tub cover is locked securely to retain heat when not in use. Also, a secure cover keeps out the critters and reduces the likelihood that wind or other elements can affect your hot tub. As a side issue, but equally important, a locked cover is a safety measure.

Other layers of protection

For cost-conscious hot tub owners, The Cover Guy has all the filters and chemicals you need to keep up with your hot tub maintenance. They offer items that’ll help you save on your energy bills in the fall.

Hot tub thermal blanket: The Cover Guy hot tub thermal blanket provides an added layer of insulation. It floats on the surface of the water, preventing heat from escaping and protecting against evaporation. This additional layer can significantly reduce the energy required to maintain water temperature.

Hot tub cap: Beyond the hot tub thermal blanket, The Cover Guy offers winter cover caps that protect your spa against harsh weather. Use your cover cap during fall when rough weather is predicted to come in. The cap will act as a barrier against heat loss and protect your hot tub from debris, ensuring the water stays clean and warm.

How The Cover Guy can help

As it gets cooler, visit The Cover Guy, the one-stop shop for your spa tub. We all know that if we’re mindful of energy costs, we can save a lot of money over the cooler seasons.

Regular hot tub maintenance, combined with these simple energy-saving tricks, can lead to considerable savings. Incorporating products like the hot tub thermal blanket further enhances this efficiency.

As you prepare for the cooler months, visit The Cover Guy to get everything you need to be as energy-efficient as possible.