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Hot Tub Use - How Often Will You Use Your New Hot Tub?

So, you’re thinking about buying a hot tub,

Maybe you have friends who own a tub. Maybe you’ve recently been on a cruise or vacationed at a resort that had hot tubs. Perhaps you’ve just seen hot tubs in movies and on TV shows and thought it would be great to have one of your own. You’ve done your research. You’ve looked into all the models and sizes and styles. But you’re still left with the one question that none of that research can answer for you; “how often am I really going to use it?”

Or maybe you bought a hot tub a while ago. You used it pretty frequently for a few months, but gradually began to use it less and less. Surveys show that most hot tub owners actually use their tubs more often than they thought they would, but some people don’t find hot tubbing a natural fit with their lifestyle. If this is you, you might be asking, “Why don’t I use my hot tub as much as I thought I would?”

Family in a hot tub on a coastline

To figure out how frequently you are likely to use a hot tub, or to find ways to use your old hot tub more often, take an honest look at your current lifestyle. Then look at the different ways other people use their hot tubs, and look for places where those two things intersect. For example:

Chronic Conditions or Injury Treatment

A significant percentage of hot tub owners use their tubs to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis or back pain. Many active people, especially ‘weekend warriors’, use theirs to treat the pulls, sprains and other minor injuries they collect on their adventures.

If you or the members of your family are dealing with chronic ailments or take part in strenuous activities that frequently result in minor injuries, a hot tub has an obvious place in your life.

De-stressing and Relaxing

Easily the most common hot tub use owners cite for their hot tubs is simply to unwind and relax. A soak in a hot tub has long been known to reduce tension, relieve stress, and promote relaxation. Perhaps that’s why the most common time for most hot tub owners to use their tub is not on the weekends or after work. Actually, the most common time to use a hot tub is right before bed.

Woman relaxing in a hot tub

Going to bed already relaxed and comfortable means falling asleep more quickly, and sleeping more deeply, resulting in a more restful sleep. Most of us know that we should be getting more sleep. If we’re honest we could probably do with better sleep as well.

Family Bonding Time

The movies portray hot tubs as a place for the devilishly handsome secret agent to meet ladies. Either that or as somewhere for out of control college kids to cut loose. The reality tends to follow a different script.

Family in a hot tub

When asked about their hot tub use and who they prefer hot tubbing with, most hot tub owners pick their spouse, followed by their children. Hot tubs don’t tend to be very smart-phone friendly, and few people keep a television near their hot tub. A soak together with family is a great time to catch up on each other’s news and spend time together, not just spend time in the same room.

So if you’ve got a family you’d like to spend more time with, if you have a bad back or bad joints or tend to overdo it on the weekends, or just need to relax on the regular, the answer to your question is probably “More often than I think.”