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Hot Tub Tips – How Heavy should my Hot Tub Cover Be?

Since The Cover Guy started selling hot tub covers in 1986 and close to 210,000 covers later one question we get a lot or at least a comment from our customers we hear, is about the weight of their hot tub covers. How heavy should a hot tub cover be? Of course the weight of your hot tub cover really depends on the size of your hot tub to some degree, but we will give you some tips to help your hot tub cover work better and last longer.

The best way to answer this is if it takes more than one hand to lift the one side of your hot tub cover it is probably too heavy and therefore saturated with water. It’s hard to say what a typical hot tub cover weighs because there are so many different hot tubs, and styles of hot tub covers. Generally I would say if a hot tub cover is over 50 to 75 pounds it’s a good indication the cover is saturated and therefore not able to perform its task of insulating your hot tub anymore. If it takes two people to remove the hot tub cover, or your hot tub cover lifter bar is bending its a good indication your hot tub cover has seen better days.

Repairing or replacing a saturated broken hot tub cover will save you a lot of money just in energy savings alone. Also, you will find you will use your hot tub a lot more because you can actually lift your hot tub cover off to use your hot tub.

There are options to deal with a saturated or over weight hot tub cover or spa cover. First remove the foam inserts from the hot tub cover. There is a zipper in the middle of the hot tub cover on both sides, when you unzip this, the foam inserts from inside the cover can be removed. You can’t dry the inserts out unfortunately once they are saturated they are ruined. Inspect both inserts to determine if one is damaged or both. After you determine if one or both need to be replaced you can purchase the inserts or a new hot tub cover. You need to determine whether it is worthwhile to repair or replace the hot tub cover. Generally hot tub covers last anywhere from 3 – 7 years so if it is anywhere past the 3 year mark replacing is probably the better option. An insert can range anywhere from $75 and up and a new hot tub cover starts around the $280 mark.

If you're wondering what made your hot tub cover so heavy, the main culprit is your hot tub water chemistry. The chemicals under your hot tub cover in your hot tub make a cloud or condensation filled with corrosive and hot tub cover damaging materials. The other issues that make your hot tub cover breakdown over time is the way your hot tub cover is removed and replaced on the hot tub, dragging, pulling, and sliding can cause damage to the hot tub covers. You can help to remedy these issues with a few tips from The Cover Guy that will help your hot tub cover last longer and save you some money.

The Cover Guy Cover Saver Tips!

  1. Remove your hot tub cover for at least an hour after shocking your hot tub with your bromine or chlorine sanitizer.
  2. Install and always use a hot tub cover lifter to remove and replace a hot tub cover from your hot tub.
  3. Try and keep your chemicals balances in check especially your alkalinity.
  4. Keep your hot tub cover free from debris, puddled rain, snow, and ice.
  5. Wash your hot tub cover with warm water frequently both top and bottom.

These tips will help make your hot tub covers last longer, but remember a hot tub cover will need to be replaced every 3 - 7 years so don’t live with a hot tub cover that ruins the look or function of your backyard oasis.