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Hot Tub Repair 101: What is an E6 Error Code and what does it Mean?

This week we have a question from one of our hot tub customers about hot tub repair, and the E6 or Error 6 on their hot tub top side control. The E6 error code on your hot tub usually refers to a reduction or stoppage of water pressure. The E6 code is a warning that there is not sufficient water flow for the power pack to continue operating without possible damage. The power pack must shut down for self preservation. If you do not have enough water flow the area with the heating element will over heat and melt.

The cause of an E6 error code in hot tubs varies greatly but here are a list of things to consider and check.

  • Filter – The most common reason for an E6 in a hot tub is dirty hot tub filters. It is so important for the operation of your hot tub that you clean your filters weekly with a rinse and every 3 – 6 months with a full degreaser bath to remove the residue. If the filters are dirty the water flow through your hot tub power pack will be impeded and you will have an E6 code and the hot tub will shutdown. This can have disastrous results in the winter if your power pack stops operating and goes unnoticed.
  • Suction or Intakes in your hot tub – Another possibility to the restriction of water flow can be debris at the suction areas of the hot tub. Make sure these areas are clear from debris.
  • Air Lock – Another common issue is after filling up your hot tub after draining it or when first starting our you have an air lock in your line. The way to remove this air lock is by either opening the union closest to your pump, or when you are filling your hot tub force the water through your skimmer basket. The air lock most commonly is in the heater element area.
  • Shut Off Valves – This can be overlooked from time to time, make sure your shut off valves are all open when you start up your power pack.
  • Power Pack – The last possible issue that you can have with an E6 error code on your hot tub is a faulty pump. The possible problems your pump can have is debris in your impeller, the shaft being seized, or a capacitor issue. Either way you would hear a constant hum from the motor with no water flow. At this point you would want to call in a hot tub service specialist to help.

Hopefully this helps our hot tub community with the E6 or Error 6 code on your hot tub.