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Hot Tub Questions – Calcium Level for my Hot Tub?

Calcium is part of the alkaline-earth metals group II on the periodic table, it is a silver – white metal and is part of your hot tub or spa water chemistry. The Calcium level in your hot tub should be between 80 – 200 PPM. If your Calcium hardness is too low or too high, operational problems with your hot tub will be present, and the overall clarity and health of your spa water will be jeopardized. hot tub in the snow

If your Calcium is too low or below 80 PPM then your hot tub and equipment can be at risk for corrosion. Parts like your heating element, jets, power pack, and even elements of your hot tub or hot tub cover are susceptible to corrosion if your calcium level is too low. You will also find that soft water will result in foaming and this may be a sign your spa water is low in Calcium. There are calcium increasing hot tub agents like calcium booster available to increase your calcium level to normal.

View from hot tub overlooking a snowy field

If your Calcium levels are too high you will get scaling on and in your equipment. The scaling to your equipment will adversely affect the hot tub equipment’s operation. Scaling on heating elements will prevent proper heating. Scaling found on moving parts such as hot tub jets, impellers on pumps will cause them seize and to stop all together. You will have a build up of scaling in your pipes, and in your hot tub filters which can lead to several problems in filtering and water pressure. You will also find it difficult to balance your alkalinity and your PH if your Calcium levels are to high. Things to look for with high calcium levels is cloudy water, white flecks in your hot tub which is the scale chipping off your equipment, not being able to control your heat is another clue your calcium is too high. You can decrease the calcium level in your hot tub with sequestering agents like spa defender.

Weekly testing for Calcium hardness levels should be preformed on your spa water to keep your hot tub water and your hot tub and equipment working at optimal levels. If your calcium hardness level is high just emptying and refilling is not going to be enough of a cure you will need to use an agent like spa defender to help remove existing scaling.