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Hot Tub Maintenance
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Hot Tub Maintenance: Tips for a Family-Friendly Experience

A hot tub means an oasis of calm, relaxation, and self-care in your backyard. Hot tubbing can increase the level of relaxation in your home and enhance the quality time shared with family and loved ones.

Hot tub maintenance: safety risks that can be avoided

Slipping into the hot tub at the end of a long workday may ease your mind, but everybody knows how much children love hot tubs. The heat, the bubbles, and playing in the water is fun most kids can only dream of having in their backyard.

Bringing a hot tub into a household with children is beneficial for the whole family. But, any parent would worry about keeping their young children safe around a body of water in their backyard.

Families considering bringing a hot tub into their home can rest assured that proper hot tub maintenance and safety procedures aren’t complicated. Hot tub risks include falling, fainting, drowning, skin rashes and even burns. However, these risks can be avoided by implementing safety precautions. Bringing a hot tub into the house is perfectly safe with a bit of care.

Hot tub safety guidelines

Hot tub safety doesn’t have to drain the fun out of your tub. Here are some simple guidelines for creating a safe environment for your family to enjoy your hot tub.

Water temperature
Slipping into the heat of a hot tub is an incredible feeling, but keeping the water too hot could lead to several heat-related problems. Experts suggest keeping your hot tub no more than 40°C (104°F) for adult bathers. For pregnant women, the temperature should at most be 38°C (102°F).

Children’s bodies are less suited to the heat and aren’t as good at moderating temperature. Keep the water cooler for them. We recommend a temperature of 34°C (98°F) at the most for the little ones, and always supervise children in the water. Children under five should not go in a hot tub.

For all guests, be sure everyone is hydrated before getting in the water. Drink before and after entering the tub, and remember to cool down. Experts recommend remaining in the hot tub for fifteen minutes at most.

Water chemistry
Clean, balanced water is a must for hot tub safety. Every hot tub will come with guidelines for cleaning, but hot tub owners should take care of maintenance. Regular cleaning will keep bacteria, algae, and viruses from building up in the water and regular hot tub draining will ensure the mechanisms are clean.

Before entering the tub, perform a check of the water. First, check that it is clear. If the water is cloudy, it could mean the chemicals keeping it sanitized are unbalanced, or the hot tub should be drained and rinsed.

Second, take a deep breath. The water should smell clean and clear, not like chemicals or algae. If it smells of chlorine, check chlorine levels.

Safe surroundings
The area around your hot tub can only be safe with proper safety precautions. Consider installing nonslip surfaces on walkways around the tub and installing outdoor lighting. The area around the tub can easily get wet when exiting the tub, and no one wants to end a relaxing time in the tub with a fall. A set of nonslip stairs can prevent accidents as well.

Ensure the chemicals you use to purify the hot tub are safely secured and locked when not in use, especially with kids around. Children should only access the hot tub with supervision. Hot tub covers are crucial to keeping the tub clean and heating costs down, but when properly secured, they can also keep kids out of the water when parents aren’t around.

Family safety awareness
Part of a safe hot tub season is proper water behavior and educating everyone about the rules to follow. Make the tub rules clear before letting children in. Children shouldn’t run around the tub or get rowdy in the water. They should know the importance of not touching the chemicals or going near the tub without supervision.

Enforce the importance of taking frequent breaks from the tub, and always check the temperature before kids get in. As well, cover the hot tub after use to keep kids or pets out of the water.

Cover up for safety
Restricting access to the tub when not in use is the best way to keep kids safe around the water. A hot tub cover is the most simple, effective way to keep a hot tub safe when not in use.

Hot tub covers have a lot of benefits. They keep contaminants and outside dirt away from the tub when not in use, making maintenance much easier and keeping the water much cleaner. Covers also protect the mechanisms of the tub and hold heat in the water so less energy is wasted on keeping the tub warm. A hot tub cover can also keep unwanted guests out. Keeping the water covered means kids and pets can only access the tub with supervision.

The Cover Guy safety features

All hot tub covers by The Cover Guy come with child safety locking straps for security, and the Deluxe Hot Tub Cover is certified to hold up to 500 pounds of weight. No need to worry about a curious child falling into the water while climbing over the cover.

With the most robust protections, your family can use your backyard oasis with peace of mind. Browse The Cover Guy’s hot tub covers and safety accessories today!