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Outdoor Oasis

Hot Tub Landscaping: Designing Your Backyard Oasis

When looking for the perfect retreat from the stresses of day-to-day life, your backyard might not be the first place that occurs to you. But with a little effort, your backyard could become the heart of your home. Enjoying a hot tub is great, but a hot tub with the right hot tub covers in a beautiful backyard oasis is even better, and you can enhance that space with landscaping design.

Your backyard and hot tub can be a place to relax and destress, spend quality time with family, and the place to entertain friends. Getting started with landscaping your backyard oasis can be intimidating, but it’s not as scary as you think. Here are some ideas to start making your backyard into the paradise you deserve.

Choose your backyard oasis

Your backyard should always have privacy features like fences, but how can you incorporate that into your design? Features like high hedges or trees can give privacy from prying eyes. What kind of space do you best think would suit you and your family’s needs? It’s important to clearly understand what you want when beginning to plan.

The party space
The hot tub is a place for friends to gather. For young hot tub owners looking for fun with their friends, shifting your relaxing daytime backyard into the ambiance and fun of a night out is as easy as the flick of a switch. For entertainers, we recommend devoting most of the space around your tub to a deck so there’s plenty of room for guests to mingle and party when not in the tub.

The most essential part of creating a party space is lighting. It is vital for safety to have the area around the tub well-lit but with the proper outdoor lighting. Consider tiki torches, lanterns, or Christmas lights for the festive feeling of a poolside night out.

Spa special touches
Take inspiration from spas to create the most soothing, relaxing hot tub experience to escape the stresses of day-to-day life. Consider some deck space for an arrangement of relaxing outdoor furniture but surround your hot tub with greenery and nature.

We recommend installing a separate water feature as a beautiful addition to the yard and a source of relaxation. Sitting back in your tub soothed by the noise of water and nature is the best way to relax.

To complete the space, an outdoor umbrella can be the finishing touch to relax without worrying about the sun in your eyes. This versatile companion addition to your hot tub offers a large shade cover and is easy to move to adapt to your space and the time of day.

We recommend a pergola for a delightful and romantic space to share with your partner. A pergola is a stylish addition to any backyard. Built over a hot tub, a pergola can create an intimate, beautiful space.

The pergola can be extended to include a deck and seating space, but we recommend limiting it to the hot tub. That way, design additions, such as sheer outdoor curtains, hanging planters, or other greenery, can foster a sense of intimacy. Build on the romantic feel by adding safe places to light candles and hanging fairy lights from the top of the pergola for a romantic atmosphere. Small touches like soft microfiber towels can bring the feeling with you when you leave the tub.

For those who wish to escape the city, turning your backyard into a curated wilderness can bring more nature to your home. Hide fences behind raised hedges and greenery to conceal the necessities of day-to-day life.

Think about adding a stone path of textured rock to keep the path to the tub safe and opting for a limited stone deck underneath the hot tub rather than a larger wood deck. A few natural rock and water features can transform the space into a rustic natural retreat. They can go a long way toward blending your spa into its surroundings.

Creating a family-friendly space is a balance between beauty and function. You can have a comfortable and relaxing area for the parents that’s fun and safe for the kids. A set of nonslip stairs can do wonders to help kids and older folks get into the tub safely

For a family-friendly space, consider a combination of deck and green space. With enough room for a nonslip walkway and a seating area around the tub, parents will have a relaxing space to watch kids play or keep an eye on them in the tub. Hot tub covers are always recommended to ensure kids can’t get into the tub when they shouldn’t.

Integrate hot tub covers into your design

The Deluxe Hot Tub Cover from The Cover Guys comes with child locks to keep wandering little ones safe. The strength and water resistance of the materials promises to keep hot tub cover maintenance to a minimum. It also comes in an array of colours to fit right in with your backyard’s colour scheme and design.

With all the stresses of modern life, creating a paradise at home can make a real difference. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your backyard oasis. Even adding a few simple upgrades can be enough to make your hot tub soak into a nightly staycation and an enjoyable space all year round. Visit The Cover Guy today for information on the best hot tub cover to suit the design of your backyard space.