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Hot Tub Exercise Benefits: Combining Hydrotherapy with Exercise

In our busy lives, prioritizing our wellness and well-being, including relaxation and exercise, is important. Hot tubs have long been coveted for their relaxation benefits. Reinvigorate tired muscles through hydrotherapy and light exercises.

Learn about hydrotherapy and hot tub benefits, and follow this simple, safe guide to incorporate hot tub exercises into your daily routine. Look forward to relaxation, muscle relief, and improved overall wellness.

The power of hydrotherapy

So, what is hot tub hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is the use of water, air, and heat as a remedy for various wellness concerns. Hydrotherapy benefits include:

  • Reduced muscle tension: The feeling of weightlessness in warm water helps relieve tension, releasing endorphins, a natural pain reliever.
  • Stress reduction: Stress, a contributing factor of high blood pressure, can be reduced by relaxing in a hot tub. Relaxation slows down the body’s relaxation to anxiety, leaving you with a more peaceful state of mind.
  • Muscle rehabilitation: Hot tub hydrotherapy can help improve circulation, helping injured or sore muscles and joints heal.

Benefits of hot tub exercises

Water workouts are low-impact and can be therapeutic for people with joint pain or injury. The water’s buoyancy resists muscle movements, making the hot tub suitable for cardiovascular activities. A bonus is it’s a great way to use your hot tub in winter! Here’s how exercise in a hot tub benefits your overall health and wellness:

  • Enhanced mobility: Exercising in a hot tub promotes better mobility because warm water loosens muscles and enhances your range of motion. The buoyancy in the water reduces pressure on joints, facilitating easier movement and allowing joints to rest and recover.
  • Reduced injury risk: The combination of buoyancy and improved mobility in hot tub exercises helps support your weight, safeguarding joints from excessive impact. This, along with warmed muscles, lowers the risk of muscle strains and injury.
  • Enhanced sleep quality: Beyond the relaxation from an evening soak, hot tub exercises contribute to better sleep by exerting energy.
  • Improved mental well-being: The calming hot tub environment can help reduce anxiety. When combined with exercise, these calming effects are heightened, promoting the release of serotonin.

Getting started: pre-exercise tips

Before diving into exercises and enjoying the many hot tub benefits, prepare your home spa for an optimal experience. Remove your hot tub cover and adjust the temperature. You can also create a more relaxing environment with some light music and aromatherapy.

  • Safely preparing for hot tub exercises: Ensure your hot tub exercise area is free from clutter and loud distractions. Hydrotherapy works best when your mind is free from external disturbances. Do some light stretches to get warmed up.
  • Ideal hot tub conditions for workouts: You should never perform exercises in extreme heat. Before any workout, reduce the temperature of your hot tub to below 102℉.

10 simple and effective hot tub exercises

There are many exercises you can do in the hot tub. Use any combination of the exercises below to customize your ideal hot tub exercise routine.

  1. Calf raises: Stand in the middle of your hot tub, raise on to your toes, and repeat for three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions.
  2. Shoulder rolls: Sit or kneel in the hot tub, immersing your chest underwater. Roll your shoulders forward, using the water as resistance. After a few repetitions, reverse the motion and roll backwards.
  3. Flutter kicks: While sitting, straighten and lift both legs in front of you, performing flutter kicks for three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions.
  4. Torso crunch: Kneel or sit, submerging your shoulders, contract abdominal muscles, and twist left to right for three sets of twenty to thirty twists.
  5. Bicycles: Sit on the edge of the hot tub, holding the wall or rail for support and flutter your feet underwater. Repeat in intervals of thirty seconds to one minute.
  6. Reverse crunches: In a sitting position, lift both legs straight, bend knees, and hold the contracted position for two seconds, repeating for three sets of fifteen repetitions.
  7. Arm circles: Start with your arms at your side and begin to move your hands in tight circles under the water, circling backwards and forwards for a few intervals.
  8. Squats: Tilt your hips back, extend arms for balance, sit back slowly, and repeat for three sets of fifteen repetitions.
  9. Arms cross: While sitting or standing, submerge shoulders, extend arms, move them straight out and then cross in front, repeating for three sets of twenty to forty crosses.
  10. Stretching: End your workout with standing stretches, holding each leg for thirty to forty-five seconds, focusing on breathing and relaxation.

Integrating hot tub exercise into your wellness routine

Exercising in your hot tub is a great combination of relaxation and physical activity. As you slowly build control and strength, you’ll find yourself moving better. A bonus is that it doesn’t feel like traditional exercise, making it an enjoyable habit to incorporate into your daily life.

While hot tub exercises offer numerous benefits, it’s still critical to listen to your body. Gradually increase repetitions and intensity, aligning your fitness level and overall well-being with the routine.

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By embracing the benefits of hydrotherapy and light hot tub exercises, your hot tub is not only a personal oasis but also a great way to enhance your physical and mental well-being. The Cover Guy is here to guide you on this wellness journey, for a healthier, happier you. Connect with us for all your hot tub cover needs.