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Hot Tub 101
Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tub 101 for the first time hot tub owner

Congratulations! You have just bought your first hot tub and are planning on spending countless hours soaking up the hot water and soothing your body into a completely, relaxed state. Before you embark upon the paradise that so many people envy, take the time to familiarize yourself with the hot tub essentials. Welcome to The Cover Guy hot tub 101 to help you get through the basics of owning a hot tub or spa.

The Quick hot tub 101:

  • Owners manual – Read through it and make sure you know how the filtering and heating modes work.
  • Watch your temperature- If you have kids keep the tub at 100 degrees or less. Max temperature is 104 degrees.
  • Chemistry is important – Adjust in this order – 1. Alkalinity 2. PH 3. Bromine or Chlorine
  • Filters have to be cleaned and replaced – Clean your filters every week, degrease them every month to three months, and replace every year.
  • Water Change – Make sure you change the water every three months or more based on usage.
  • Keep it covered, Keep it warm, Keep it safe – Make sure you have a good insulated hot tub cover with locks.
Changing hot tub filter

The Hot Tub 101 Details

Make sure you have the owners manual and at least find out the basics of how everything operates. If you have purchased a second hand hot tub many of the manuals can be found online with a simple search or through the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals or APSP as its called.

You can’t go to far wrong by exploring topside buttons and knobs. However, watch that you don’t change the mode to economy or turn off days when the tub heats. This is easy to do if you don’t know how your hot tub operates. So the first thing you need to do is go through the operation manual found online.

Another thing to be aware of is that most jets can be turned down or even completely off. Make certain that all are not in the off position at the same time, this can cause some damage to your hot tub.

Hot Tub 101 for Beginners

  • Invest in a cover; before you start buying loads of accessories and get ready for a party, buy a quality hot tub cover first. These devices are highly energy-efficient, as they operate to lock in valuable heat is gradually lost due to exposure to outside air. Not only does this help cut your heating costs, it also reduces the wear and tear on your hot tub by keeping it from having to run all the time. When you set the thermostat to a specific temperature, the machine will work to maintain this setting at all times. Installing a cover will facilitate this process and minimize the hot tub’s energy output.
  • Check the pH balance of the water at least once a week. Contaminated hot tub water can lead to a number of major problems if not treated. Knowing when to add proper cleaning chemicals and in what doses will keep the water clean and safe for use.
  • Clean the filter once every week and replace it every year. A clogged or damaged filter is a fast track for costly repairs.
  • Perform a complete drain and refill of the hot tub every three or four months, especially right before the winter season. It may be a bit time-consuming, but this routine maintenance process is the only way to thoroughly inspect the hot tub for potential damage.

The Final Words of Hot Tub Ownership

Being a hot tub owner is a lot of responsibility, although it may not seem like it at the moment. Although it can be easy to forget about maintenance routines and cleaning regimens, you should know that these chores are a critical part of hot tub ownership. If you really want to enjoy your newfound investment for years to come, there are a few key checklist items to be aware of.

Taking the time to understand the ins and outs of what proper routine maintenance is all about will ensure your hot tub a long and healthy future.