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Hot Tub Maintenance

Hey Scum Ball… have you tried it for your hot tub?

If you own a hot tub, you know it doesn’t take long for muck and grime to buildup inside of it. The water in hot tubs is actually quite delicate and needs to be constantly maintained to prevent the growth of bacteria and harmful contaminants that can cause damage to the machine and to people who are bathing in it.

Aside from checking the Ph level at least once a week and adding the necessary chemicals (i.e. chlorine, bromine etc.) to stabilize it, you will also want to take extra measures to ensure the water is completely sanitary. This means keeping large debris out by using a net or other similar device to scoop up leaves, but also employing other means to get rid of particles that may be less visible to the naked eye.

One product that is definitely worth the investment in this respect is the Scum Ball. This product can be considered a miracle worker due to its ability to thoroughly absorb and simultaneously get rid of micro-sized contaminants that commonly plague hot tub water.

Small, yet incredibly powerful, this is one accessory you don’t want to pass up. There are many advantages to using the Scum Ball, and you really can’t go wrong at such a low cost. See for yourself why more and more hot tub owners are turning to this little thing to help keep their hot tubs running in optimal condition.

Clean water is a must for a number of reasons, not to mention the fact that no one wants to unknowingly get in a hot tub that is infested with bacteria (it happens more than you might want to believe). Regardless if you use your hot tub only on occasion or do so frequently, the Scum Ball is a great tool to add to your cleaning arsenal. Here is why!

Benefits of the Scum Ball

  • Increases the time between cleaning intervals
    By consistently removing bacteria in the water, you the Scum Ball allows you to safely and effectively decrease the number of chemical cleaning and shock treatments. This is particularly true in regards to the latter; given that you will basically have an around the clock cleaning agent present, you shouldn’t need to shock the tub unless serious contamination occurs.
  • Odor and oil control
    Another great thing about the Scum Ball is that it works to reduce the potent odors that hot tubs tend to emit. Although great for cleaning, chlorine is known to put off a smelly scent that many people can’t stand. Likewise, body oil will also be absorbed, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting out of the water with a greasy residue on your skin.
  • Maintenance-free
    Simply insert the Scum Ball and leave it be. You don’t have to monitor or periodically check on its status. Another thing to note is that due to its powerful absorption qualities, your water’s Ph level will be kept more stable.