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Essential Cold Weather Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

As fall approaches, many hot tub owners reach for their trusty hot tub cover, hoping to protect their spa from falling leaves and other debris. And while the attraction of soaking amidst the autumn splendor is undeniable, the season requires more hot tub maintenance. Let’s take a good look at why, what you should be doing, and how to prep your tub for the frigid weather.

Why autumn maintenance for hot tubs is crucial

Fall presents a particular challenge for hot tub owners because of the changeable weather, higher winds, and temperature changes. Extending the days you can use your tub confers all those great benefits for longer. So, what do we have to prepare for?

  • Temperature fluctuations: Fall means fluctuating temperatures, and these oscillations can strain your hot tub’s internal systems. As the temperature outside drops, the hot tub works harder to maintain warmth, making the system more susceptible to wear and tear.
  • Increased rainfall: Autumn often brings with it an increase in rainfall. Excess water can dilute the chemicals in your hot tub, making monitoring and adjusting the water chemistry regularly essential.
  • Falling leaves: One of the most common challenges hot tub owners face during fall is the leaves that can accumulate in the tub. Higher winds associated with fluctuating temperatures can also drop other debris into the tub. If allowed to accumulate, leaves can lead to clogs and imbalances in water chemistry.

Cleaning and drainage

Soaking in the hot tub is only fun when that water is crystal clear because the tub is clean.

  • Clog prevention: You first want to prevent debris from getting into your tub, so ensure the surrounding area of the tub is kept clean. Regularly skimming the water and cleaning the filter can prevent potential clogs caused by leaves and debris brought in by the wind or even wild animals.
  • Water chemistry: Regularly testing the water and adjusting chemical levels is essential during the fall. Due to increased rainfall and debris, there can be rapid shifts in water chemistry. Invest in a good quality testing kit and ensure you have an adequate supply of necessary chemicals.

Protect your investment with a cover

Your hot tub cover isn’t just an accessory. It’s like a protective shield. Ensuring the cover is in optimal condition is crucial as the frontline defense against external factors. A cover will add insulation, helping to retain the heat of the water and reducing strain on the heating system. A cover will keep almost all debris and rain out, ensuring that your tub is ready to use when you want to use it with minimal maintenance.

  • Thermal blanket: As temperatures drop significantly, you may find you need increased thermal insulation to ensure that your system isn’t working too hard and that you’re not spending too much on energy costs. Thermal blankets float on the surface of the water under your cover, adding an extra layer of thermal protection for a reasonable cost. This allows you to extend your tubbing season even longer!
  • Hot tub cover replacement: No cover lasts forever. If you notice your spa covers becoming heavy, waterlogged, or are deteriorating, it might be time for a replacement. A good hot tub cover replacement will protect your tub and provide better insulation and energy efficiency.

Prepping for the deep freeze

Winterizing isn’t necessary if you plan to use your hot tub throughout the winter. However, if you decide to close it down, the process of winterizing becomes crucial.

First, start by cleaning your tub thoroughly, both inside and out, and store all the extra items you were using around your tub so they’ll be safe from any damage in the winter and ready for next year. Next, drain all the water out of your tub. A wet vac can help remove all water from the pipes, preventing freeze damage.

Finally, secure that hot tub cover. Your spa cover will shield your tub from external elements like damage from rocks and debris over the winter. Ensure it’s tightly secured. You can add extra insulation outside the tub if you live in a particularly cold region to prevent freezing damage.

Find everything you’ll need this fall at The Cover Guy

If you’re considering extending your soaking season to enjoy those fall colors or readying to shut down and winterize your tub, The Cover Guys is a one-stop shop for the covers, blankets, and maintenance accessories you need to take care of your backyard oasis. Don’t let maintenance worries deter you from enjoying your hot tub. Follow these simple tips and visit The Cover Guy for everything you’ll need!