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Embracing Your Hot Tub in Warmer Weather

As winter ends and spring and summer begin, our hot tubs become places to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. This guide will walk you through opening a hot tub for the season to ensure you can enjoy the tub safely and comfortably and how your hot tub cover can help.

The joys of using a hot tub in warmer weather
Hot tubbing in the warmer months provides serene moments of relaxation and a venue for fun summer gatherings. It’s perfect for socialising in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere, making your parties memorable occasions.

Additionally, your hot tub can offer a refreshing respite from the summer heat. By adjusting the water temperature, your spa becomes a cool oasis, allowing you to comfortably unwind and cool down even on the hottest days. This versatility makes your hot tub an invaluable part of your summer lifestyle, offering both lively entertainment options and a tranquil escape from the warmth.

Adjusting settings for the heat

To adapt your hot tub for warmer weather, change the temperature settings. While the tub is typically set between 37°C to 39°C during cooler times, reducing the temperature to 35°C or even down to 29°C can turn your hot tub into a cool retreat from the summer heat, making hot tubbing more comfortable and saving energy.

Water care in warm weather
The summer sun tan lotions and increased use can challenge your hot tub’s water quality. It’s crucial to stay on top of your water care routine to ensure your spa remains a safe and inviting space. This means regular testing and balancing of your water’s pH and sanitizer levels.

A hot tub cover for extra protection
Additionally, summer storms and higher bather loads may necessitate more frequent water changes. A hot tub cover will reduce the amount of debris that finds its way into your tub and help regulate the temperature. Clear, clean water is the foundation of an enjoyable hot tub experience, regardless of the season.

Summer-ready accessories
Transitioning your hot tub for warmer weather also means considering accessories that enhance your summer soaking sessions. Umbrella shades can offer respite from the sun, while waterproof Bluetooth speakers bring your favorite tunes to your spa. Other accessories include booster seats for shorter folks, thick towels, and a thermometer to keep the temperatures just right.

When to start the transition

Timing is everything when transitioning your hot tub for the warmer months. Ideally, start the process in spring to give yourself time to perform any necessary maintenance, adjust your settings, and acquire any summer-specific accessories. By preparing early, you ensure your hot tub is summer-ready the moment the first heatwave hits.

Opening your hot tub for the season involves a few key steps to ensure it’s ready for increased use. Let’s go through them.

Inspect and clean
Start by carefully examining your hot tub and all its parts. Clean everything thoroughly, focusing on the filters and jets, to ensure they’re free from debris and buildup. This step is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your spa.

Hot tub maintenance
While cleaning your tub, remember hot tub cover care to ensure an enjoyable spa experience. Inspect the cover for any damage or tears. Clean the cover with a hot tub cover cleaner for extra protection.

Water care
Revitalize your hot tub by draining and refilling it with fresh water. After filling, carefully balance the water chemistry. Proper water care is essential for a safe and enjoyable soaking experience, keeping the water clear and preventing skin irritation. Ensure your water temperature is set for the warmer months.

Update accessories
Check your hot tub cover and any other accessories for signs of wear or damage. It’s important to replace or repair these items when needed to keep your spa well-protected and to enhance your overall hot tub experience.

Set up your spa area
Bring all your accessories and hot tub area furniture out of storage and set up your spa for hours of enjoyment.

Get what you need from The Cover Guy

Whether you’re looking to cool down on a hot day or enjoy a relaxing soak under the stars, a little preparation ensures your hot tub is ready for whatever the warmer months bring. If you need to replace your cover or update your supplies, contact The Cover Guy today for everything you’ll need to be ready to enjoy your spa.