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Don’t Wait: Invest in a Spa Cover Lifter

By buying a hot tub, you’ve made a commitment to your family’s leisure time and enjoyment. Think of your spa as an investment in your home and the quality time you and your family will spend there. As with any other investment, you want to ensure the best return on relaxation and value with your hot tub. A spa cover will protect your spa and lengthen its lifespan, and a spa cover lifter will ensure your quality of time and enjoyment.

Why do I need a spa cover lifter?

A spa cover lifter may seem like a luxury, but it’s about protecting your investment in your spa and even more about protecting your well-being.

They are made for one person to use
Spa covers are necessary, but they are also heavy. Most hot tub covers weigh fifty to seventy pounds and are large and unwieldy. They’re difficult for one person to move, and anyone could easily strain themselves.

A spa cover lifter saves you from the effort of having to lift, handle, and properly store a spa cover every single time you want to use your spa. After a long day at work, wouldn’t you rather climb right into your spa tub rather than wait for your spouse to get home so both of you can strain to get the cover off?

Lifters are customizable

Spa cover lifters are made to fit any kind and shape of spa, with different solutions to fit all types of backyards, including yours. They make storing the cover while using your tub a non-issue.

A quality company offering spa cover lifters will provide various options to ensure your spa is covered. The type of spa cover lifter or spa cover storage you use might depend on the space around your spa.

For example, if your backyard doesn’t have the clearance for a lifter that stores the cover behind the tub, you could pick one that lifts the cover overhead. Whatever storage space concerns you may have, there is a spa cover lifter that’ll adapt to them.

They extend the life of your spa

Your spa and spa cover are investments in your home. While the spa cover protects the spa, what protects the cover?

Spa covers are made of tough materials, but if frequently mishandled, the vinyl cover used for most covers can wear down or rip, letting moisture inside the insulation foam. Considering that a well-fitting spa cover reduces evaporation and chemical use and maintains water temperature, a well-fitting spa cover saves you money every day you put it on top of the tub.

At best, a soaked and damaged spa cover means it doesn’t insulate as well, and you’re losing money to increased energy bills. At worst, the spa cover could allow dirty water and other outside contaminants into your spa or grow mold. A spa cover lifter can prevent that damage by lifting and supporting the cover in movement and efficiently storing it safely while you use your hot tub.

Spa cover lifter options

With so many choices for spa cover lifters, you can be sure there’s something out there to suit your needs and simplify your soak. But which option would be best for your spa?

Hydraulic cover lifters
The optimal choice for ease and comfort in spa cover lifters, a hydraulic lifter makes lifting your spa cover not only a one-person job but also an easy one.

Hydraulic lifters come with a variety of options as to how they may be secured, including a mid-level privacy wall to the side of your tub or into the tub itself. Hydraulic lifters also have the greatest range in where the covers may be mounted and offer the widest field of few around the tub.

Standard cover lifters
Standard cover lifters will secure directly onto your tub or your deck. These spa cover lifters hold the covers to the side of the tub when not in use, keeping it safely off the ground. Most importantly, they make lifting and storing your spa cover a one-person job. Standard cover lifters have the most tub options, including size and shape, and come in various designs.

Undermount lifters
If you’re worried about damaging your spa cabinet, an undermount lifter may be for you. Rather than drilling into your tub or the surrounding deck, an under-mount lifter is held in place by the spa’s weight. They take up some more space, but under-mount lifters come with all of the use of a standard cover lifter, with none of the lasting commitment.

Spa cover shelves
While technically not a lifter, spa cover shelves are storage options that make using your cover easier at a lower price. Most cover shelves come without hydraulic assistance, making them the most physically strong of spa cover options. But some come with options, such as rollers that assist in sliding the cover on and off the shelves, making that much easier.

You have many options for your spa cover lifters, and your back will thank you every time you use your hot tub. Learn more about solutions to help you safeguard your spa covers with The Cover Guy today.