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Canadian Spa Hot Tubs

At The Cover Guy our entire business is built on putting quality first. Our covers, lifters, accessories: everything we stock is either designed or handpicked with quality in mind. One of the byproducts of operating a business in this way is that we’re able to recognize whether another company is following similar practices. That is to say, we think we’re pretty good at judging whether or not a hot tub company is ‘the real deal’. But enough about us; what we’re trying to say is that the Canadian Spa Company is the real deal: that’s why they deserve their very own Backyard Blast post (it is a high honour). They might even deserve a spot in your back garden – but that’s for you to decide!

Quality Tubs

We just want to say right off the bat that a Canadian Spa hot tub is an excellent choice. We wouldn’t be talking about this company if we didn’t believe in the quality of their products. Why just recently, we featured Canadian Spa Company in our Backyard Blast post discussing the best hot tub brands in 2023, and we like to think our word means something in these parts. Canadian Spa Company is also known for manufacturing inflatable hot tubs of very respectable quality. Their stock in general ranges massively in price, meaning they have a tub for nearly every budget. On top of the build quality, you can expect to find all the bells and whistles: LED lighting, digital controls, ergonomic seating, Bluetooth audio systems, and more.

Great Customer Service

Having a great product isn’t everything; exceptional customer service is so very important, both for a business and the consumer. In the case of the Canadian Spa Company, they do everything right. They aren’t one of those faceless corporations where you can’t find a way to reach out for answers or help. In fact, with the attentiveness of their customer service, you wouldn’t think they were a global behemoth.

>But what is their after-sale experience like? This is an interesting but extremely important question, as it would be with any large purchases that may require ongoing support. When we talk about the after-sale experience, we’re referring to the quality of service that you’re likely to receive post-purchase. For example, if you discovered that your brand new Canadian Spa hot tub was delivered with a part missing, how likely is the company to come through for you? In the case of the Canadian Spa Company – very likely. They offer a robust customer service system which involves filing support tickets and communicating with staff through the consumer’s preferred medium, be it email or over the phone. They’re also very vocal about being happy to replace any required parts, and to schedule repairs if necessary.

High Availability

You may be someone that prefers to actually see a hot tub in real life before deciding on whether you want to go through with buying it – and we get that; a hot tub is a huge purchase, and not one that should be done with any doubt in mind. Getting a Canadian Spa hot tub in the UK means that you can book an appointment to see their warehouse showroom, allowing you to peruse their huge variety of products, and picture them all situated in your own back garden.

While we aren’t experts on things like saunas, we do think it’s worth mentioning that the Canadian Spa Company carries them, as it just goes to show the sheer variety and range of what they have to offer. They also supply gazebos, swim spas, and other similar items. They even sell Barbeques for goodness sake! In terms of delivery, their products are available all over the world, and can be found in various retailers for added convenience. One of the benefits of dealing with a large company is that you often don’t have to worry about whether you can get a hold of replacement parts, or the product itself.

Final Thoughts

Canadian Spa Company provides hot tubs of excellent quality to consumers all over the world. In addition to this, their customer service helps ensure that the purchase of something as impactful as a hot tub is as smooth as it can be. The Cover Guy strongly recommends a Canadian Spa hot tub as a candidate if you’re in the market. Whether you’re looking for your first tub, a replacement, or you just love reading about them (we love writing about them!), we hope this article has given you some useful insights into yet another fantastic and readily available brand of hot tub. Just remember that whichever brand of hot tub you end up selecting, the Cover Guy is there for when you’re ready to replace or upgrade your cover. Whether you plan on setting up your tub here in the UK or anywhere else in the world, our covers are designed to withstand any climate, rain or shine.