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Automatic Pool Cleaner Tips and Fixes

Swimming pools are so relaxing and with the use of an automatic pool cleaner like the Kreepy Krauly you can maximize the fun and relaxation with less maintenance. As a matter of fact the most popular addition to a swimming pool is the automatic pool cleaner. The only side effect to this burden helper is that even a Kreepy Krauly may have an issue or two that needs addressing. This guide will help you with Automatic Pool Cleaner Tips and Fixes. The common solutions to any problems you may have with your automatic pool cleaner.

The most common problems surrounding automatic pool cleaners is mostly due to the suction and the pressure. Somewhere along the line of the Kreepy Krauly there is a problem with the suction which is the engine or power that drives the Kreepy and most automatic pool cleaners. The automatic cleaners need a lot of pull to drive them around your swimming pool. Often that usually means they need all the suction that you can muster from your system. Also, it has to be a completely closed system. That means no leaks or interruptions between the pump and the head of the cleaner.

Pool Cleaners need Suction

So the first thing to look for when your auto cleaner is not working, is anything that is preventing the best possible suction for your cleaner. Here are some things to look for when your cleaner is not moving:

  • Have you turned off the suction from your main drain putting all the suction from the line your Kreepy Krauly is attached to?
  • Is there any debris in the skimmer, line, auto cleaner hose, or in the cleaner itself?
  • Has the filter been backwashed and cleaned giving you the best possible pressure?
  • Can you see any air bubbles coming back through the returns indicating a leak in the hose? Tighten the links in the hose.
  • Does your equipment provide enough pull and pressure for the auto cleaner to work? You may need a new pump.

Automatic Pool Cleaners need a Clear Path

Obstructions are another issue that can cause a poor performance from a cleaner. If the cleaner is has an issue hitting all the areas of the pool this might be due to a couple of issues.

  • The hose may not be long enough to reach the whole pool, consider adding sections of hose.
  • There also may be something blocking the path of the cleaner. You may have to remove it, or change the path.
  • The cleaner may not be balanced properly. Try adding weights, or moving the current weights may also help.
  • The speed of the cleaner may be set to high or too low. Make sure it is set at the right speed.
  • The main drain or returns may also be affecting the path of the cleaner. Make changes to help the Kreepy.

The most common issues are always going to be around the suction your cleaner is able to use. Make sure you keep your filter and your automatic cleaners suction lines clean of debris. Also, make sure the path is clear for your automatic cleaner. This will give you the best results in keeping your swimming pool clean.

Now sit back in your hot tub and watch your automatic cleaner in action.