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All Things Lay-Z-Spa

First things first, what is a Lay-Z-Spa? Why, we’re glad you asked! Lay-Z-Spa is a UK-based company that manufactures inflatable hot tubs. They’re known for their versatility, convenience, and energy-efficiency. Pretty cool, right? We think so too! We decided to feature Lay-Z-Spa in one of our backyard blast posts because we wanted to help dispel the idea that inflatable hot tubs are inherently cheap and thus a waste of money, when this is simply not the case. Inflatable hot tubs are a valid option, and they shouldn’t be disregarded before serious consideration. It’s true that The Cover Guy caters more to regular hot tubs than inflatable ones, but we still respect and see the merit in both kinds, as there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to hot tubs. If that was the case, we’d only be selling one size of cover! Now, without further ado, let’s talk about all things Lay-Z-Spa.

Unique Features Of An Inflatable Hot Tub

An inflatable hot tub should be a serious consideration if you plan on moving it around a lot, or if you simply plan on putting it in storage during a certain time of the year, and would prefer not to have too much of a hassle. This is because they’re extremely simple and quick to set up. When it comes to moving one, you don’t need any equipment or pals: all you need to do is deflate it, and you’re good to go. This may seem obvious but we still thought it was worth mentioning, as mobility is one of the best things about owning an inflatable hot tub.

When it comes to the initial purchase price, inflatable hot tubs are often less expensive than a permanent tub, which is important if you’re trying to be frugal in your hot tub-purchasing endeavours. Inflatable hot tubs are also often smaller than standard ones, but not always; Lay-Z-Spa has a wide range of models, with some allowing for a capacity of up to eight people!

Most of us have experienced a sore back after sleeping on a deflated air mattress. That seems to be a common “feature” with inflatable things, as they seem to have a tendency to get leaks. One of Lay-Z-Spa’s selling points, however, is their beam & drop stitch construction. Durability is definitely a factor that a buyer should be paying attention to if they have any interest in purchasing an inflatable tub, especially if they want one that lasts.

Things To Keep In Mind

One downside of an inflatable hot tub is that they tend to heat up slower, as they simply don’t pack the same punch as a permanent hot tub. This is another reason to want a cover, as it helps maintain water temperature by trapping heat in the tub. It doesn’t usually get too cold here in the UK, so ambient temperature won’t be as much of an issue as it could be, but it’s still something to keep in mind, as an inflatable hot tub is likely to cost more money to keep hot than a standard tub. Inflatable hot tubs also usually lack any built-in seats, which is a non-issue for some, and a deal-breaker for others. Lay-Z-Spa actually offers a few models with built-in seats, which goes to prove that there are always exceptions to the rule (these are some of the pricier models though). Don’t let us dissuade you, but we thought that it would be best to mention some of the shortcomings of a Lay-Z-Spa (and inflatable tubs in general) in addition to the benefits.

General Care Tips For A Lay-Z-Spa

Despite having ‘lazy’ in the name, there are still a host of things you need to do to keep your tub in tip-top shape. In fact, maintenance and care for a Lay-Z-Spa (or any inflatable hot tub for that matter) is very similar to that of a standard hot tub. The use of hot tub chemicals are still required if you wish to keep things clean and ready to use. While generally not as expensive as a standard hot tub, it’d still be a huge shame to have to throw your inflatable tub out due to poor maintenance. Lay-Z-Spa filters need to be maintained as well. It’s best practice to rinse off your Lay-Z-Spa filter after every use, and change it out once every couple of weeks. In terms of how to drain a Lay-Z-Spa, it’s quite simple: attach a hose to the bottom outlet pump and remove the stopper cap inside the liner.

Finding The Right Cover

Since Lay-Z-Spa is an inflatable hot tub brand, that means you’ll need an inflatable hot tub cover. Standard covers won’t work, as they are fundamentally different. While The Cover Guy doesn’t produce inflatable tub covers, we still like to give respect where respect is due. What can we say; we’re hot tub enthusiasts! It should also be noted that a cover for an inflatable hot tub is just as important, if not more so if you want to keep things sanitary. A cover is also a necessary safety measure to protect small children and pets. With this in mind, a cover with child locks is strongly recommended.

Wrapping Things Up

Settling on ‘the perfect tub’ is often a long and sometimes frustrating process, but it’s also something that shouldn’t be rushed. While we ourselves prefer the more conventional hot tubs, we thought it made sense to talk about one of the UK’s most well-known inflatable tub brands. Inflatable hot tubs are a valid and excellent option, especially if you’re looking for something that’s extremely mobile and less expensive outright than a conventional tub; it all depends on your lifestyle, and what you want from your hot tub. If you want more info about Lay-Z-Spa, be sure to check out their website, and tell ‘em The Cover Guy sent you.