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A Steamy Valentine’s Surprise: Prepping Your Hot Tub

Valentine’s Day is here and what better way to celebrate yourself, a friendship, or a soul mate than in a hot tub! Hot tub owners can create a special love nest in their backyard to impress others and we have all the tools to help you do that. Find out how décor, aromatherapy, and planning can create the best Valentine’s Day while simultaneously improving your relationship.

How to create a romantic Valentine’s retreat

Sometimes, people find themselves under a lot of pressure trying to come up with things to do on Valentine’s Day to be romantic and loving. This is especially difficult when this isn’t something that comes naturally to you.

One of the easiest plans will involve a hot tub. So much of the work is already done for you. Hot tubs on their own are relaxing, enjoyable, and intimate. Take the experience to the next level with the following romantic ideas.

A clean slate
Start by cleaning your hot tub. There won’t be room for romance if the water is dirty and the cover is slimy. From cleaning the filters to scrubbing down the hot tub, check out our page on hot tub maintenance to get started.

Ask your Valentine
Get into the spirit and ask someone to be your Valentine and join you for a romantic hot tub date night. You may have been married for a decade already, but that doesn’t mean the romance can’t still blossom. This also sets up anticipation for the evening and adds an even more magical feeling.

Get ready for a Valentine’s Day celebration with decor. Otherwise, it might feel like any other night. Decor can be used as early as the door that leads to the hot tub.

Line the walkway with rose petals. Hang Valentine’s Day decorations, such as hearts, streamers, and balloons. You know your date (and yourself) best. Put out decor that they’ll love and remember.

Food and drink
Don’t forget to prepare snacks and refreshments. Everyone loves a good selection. It doesn’t need to be much, but the right choices can add to the magic. Chocolates are a Valentine’s Day celebration staple, but it doesn’t have to be that.

Fruits are refreshing too. If you’re a good cook, you can make your date’s favourite meal. And don’t forget something to drink, because all that time in the hot tub can be dehydrating.

Music and lighting
Put on your date’s favourite music or find something that will set the mood you’re looking for. Lighting can be both romantic and decorative. Tiki lights can line the walkway or surround the hot tub.

Or choose a lighting system whose colour can be set to something soft like pink, purple, or blue. You can also dim whatever lighting is already there to create an intimate space.

Hot tub accessories
Some hot tub accessories might not seem that romantic at the onset, but they make for a better experience when used. Hot tub cover lifters ensure you can easily get the hot tub cover off without a struggle, and place it back on properly when you’re done.

Some of them can even turn the hot tub cover into a shelf for a place to put drinks or snacks. Our Aromatherapy Comfort Bundle contains hot tub aromatherapy crystals, two microfiber towels, spa bombs, and hot tub aromatherapy fragrances. It’s an easy kit that will take your night to the next level.

The right water chemistry for the best “you” chemistry
Lastly, check in advance that the water chemistry is just right so you can share a safe, healthy, and rewarding experience. This will create clear water, allow any aromatherapy fragrances to shine, and feel good on your skin so nothing takes away from your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Hot tub benefits: Romance, relaxation, and relationships

When you’re planning things to do on Valentine’s Day, your best choice is your hot tub. Of course, it can be paired with other things, such as dinner, a movie, a massage, or a walk. But the hot tub itself has many benefits from romance, relaxation, and relationships.

It’s easy to create a romantic atmosphere with the ideas we’ve shared and hot tubs have been proven to improve relaxation. Did you know they’ll also help with your relationships? Not only are the people using them relaxed and peaceful, but it also creates a space for conversation and meditation.

Valentine’s Day at The Cover Guy

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We’ve made it easy with our Valentine’s Day Package. Start planning your Valentine’s Day celebration now for a night to remember.